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FW: Gender and Civic Discourse in the 3rd Millennium

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      Subject: CFP: Gender and Civic Discourse in the 3rd Millennium

      Call for papers: Gender and Civic Discourse in the 3rd Millennium
      Original manuscripts are sought for inclusion in the edited collection,
      _Women and Men: Gender and Civic Discourse_, Diane S. Hope and Mark A.
      Detine (eds.), for the series "Civic Discourse in the Third Millennium,"
      series editor, Michael Prosser, Ablex Press.
      As the 20th century draws to a close, gender has emerged as a compelling and
      dynamic issue in various contexts. Originally initiated by feminist studies,
      issues specific to men as well as women have generated a diverse body of
      research as well as civic debate. The collection aims to enlarge our
      understanding of gender issues in national and international discourse.
      Intended as either primary text or supplemental reader, the intended
      audience for the book is undergraduate and graduate students of
      communi-cation, rhetorical studies, gender studies, and discourse analysis.
      The collection will draw from multiple disciplines and is arranged into
      topical sections:
      (I) Family and Community,
      (II) Education,
      (III) Work and Economics,
      (IV) Environment and Health,
      (V) Media and Culture, and
      (VI) International Diplomacy.

      Each of the book's six sections will lead with an essay exploring the
      historical and critical development of gender in the discourse topic
      followed by a selection of contemporary studies.
      The deadline for submission is Sept. 30, 1999. Submissions should be 15-20
      pages in length, double-spaced (including citations) in APA style. Please
      include one original hard copy and an electronic file in any standard mac or
      pc format.
      Inquiries, abstracts or proposals of 500 words or less may be submitted by
      email anytime before the manuscript deadline.
      Submit manuscripts, abstracts and inquiries to:
      Diane S. Hope, Kern Professor of Communication
      Department of Communication
      Rochester Institute of Technology
      92 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
      (716) 475-6053
      Email: dshgpt@... <mailto:dshgpt@...>

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