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FW: [ANTHRO-L] another Indian book: Encyclopaedia of Dalits in In dia [fwd]

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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] another Indian book: Encyclopaedia of Dalits in India [fwd]

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      From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@...]
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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] another Indian book: Encyclopaedia of Dalits in
      India [fwd]

      [Forwarded by request. Detail sbelow. Hugh]

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      From: K.K.Agencies [mailto:kkagen@...]
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      Subject: Encyclopaedia of Dalits in India - Coming Soon/E

              E/Editor's Pick: 468

      Special Offer on All Orders Recd. Till 31 October 2001!
      Here is a monumental work, to be out soon, which could be of interest to
      As usual, we _make all shipments by registered AIRMAIL with no
      charges_. You may give a reference to this bulletin while ordering. For
      ordering details please refer at the end.

      Encyclopaedia of Dalits in India / Dr. Sanjay Paswan and Dr. Pramanshi
      Jaideva. 1st ed. Delhi, Gyan.  2001.  ca. 4000 p.

      11 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. General Study. vol. 2. Struggle for Self
      Liberation. vol. 3. Movements. vol. 4. Leaders. vol. 5. Constitutional.
      vol. 6. Reservation. vol. 7. Social Justice. vol. 8. Emancipation and
      Empowerment. vol. 9. Women. vol. 10. Education. vol. 11. Literature.

      List Price: 733.30 (11-vol. Set) **SPECIAL PRICE: $ 590.00 (11-vol. Set)
      ALL ORDERS RECD TILL 31 OCT. 2001**

      Here is a whole world of Dalits, under one title. You may be desiring to
      know all about the important section of society known as Dalits. No
      there are already many a books on Dalits and their problems still there
      been a room for works of worth on the subject. This research based,
      extensive, exhaustive, comprehensive, authentic, and analytical work is
      endevour in the same vien.

      The wise authors, both being anthropologists and authority over Dalit
      affairs, have accomplished the work painstakingly, following a toilsome
      job, which took a toll of several years.

      While flipping through the 4000 odd pages of the Encyclopaedic work, the
      reader will undergo a new, refreshing experience. Apart from bigger
      the study covers even the minute details -- History, Society, Religion,
      Education, Literature, Culture, virtually each and everything about
      in India.

                                              Contents Volumes 1-11

      Vol. 1: General Study

      List of Scheduled Castes
      Through the Ages
      In Hindu Philosophy
      Religious Life
      Social Life
      Inter-caste Relations
      Health & Hygiene
      Economic Life
      The Emancipation
      The Fruits of Reservation
      The Advantages
      Ideology behind Conciousness
      Constitutional Safeguards
      Political Life
      A Common Ideology for Dalits of Christianity & Other Faiths

      Vol. 2: Struggle for Self Liberation

      Ancient Literature and the Caste System
      The Experiences
      Atrocities Commited by Landlords
      Struggle for Empowerment
      Democracy and Protection
      Sociological Aspect
      Economic Policies
      The Outcome of Social Mobility
      Mobilising the NHRC against Untouchability and Regulating Food Rights

      Vol. 3: Movements
      Historical Background
      Bhakti Movement for Change
      Mahar and Non-Brahman Movements of Nineteenth Century
      Mahatma Jotirao Phule : The Pioneer
      Socio-Religious Reforms Movements
      The Dravadian Movement
      Ambedkar's Role
      Gandhi and Harijans
      Dalit Panther Movement
      Kanshi Ram's Movement

      Vol. 4: Leaders
      Jotirao Govindrao Phule: The First Leader of Dalits
      B. R. Ambedkar: Messiah of Dalits
      Jagjivan Ram: Champion of Dalits
      Ramvilas Paswan
      Kanshi Ram
      Prominent Leaders

      Vol. 5: Constitutional
      Relevant Provision of the Preamble
      Various Provisions Relating to the SCs and STs
      Special Provision Concerning Certain Classes
      Distribution of Indian Population by Caste and Religious Groups
      List of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
      Transitional and Special Provisions
      Awareness of Statutory Privileges among Scheduled Castes
      Various Safegaurds for SCs
      The Presidential Order
      Various Relaxation and Concessions for SCs
      Procedure for Filling Reserved Vacancies
      Carrying Forward and Exchange of Reservations between Scheduled Castes
      Scheduled Tribes
      Reservations and Concessions

      Vol. 6: Reservation
      The Constitution and Reservation Policy
      Identification of Backward Classes and Constitutional Provision
      Public Opinion on Reservation Policy
      Protective Discrimination Policy : Programmes and Issues
      Success and Failure in Implementation of Projective Discrimination
      Reservation Policy : Benefits Accruing
      Reservation Policy and Anti reservation Stirs
      The Role of Scheduled Caste Elites
      Protective Discrimination and Laws in Britain
      Education of Children of SCs and Constitutional Benefits
      Reservation and its Consequences
      A Socio-Economic Profile of Scheduled Caste MPs
      Jurisprudential Foundation
      Special Provision for the Advancement of Any Socially and Educationally
      Backward classes of
      citizens or for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes [Parliamentary

      Vol. 7: Social Justice
      Social Justice: Ancient and Medieval Period
      Problems of Untouchability
      Social Justice and the Downtrodden
      Class and the Individual
      Myth or Reality
      Constitutional Protection
      Psychological View
      Social Injustices and the Individual
      Indian Society in Transition
      Problems Related to Social Justice as a Goal

      Vol. 8: Emancipation and Empowerment
      An Overview
      Historical Background
      Scheduled Castes of India
      Contemporary Issues
      The Rural Scenario
      Status of Women
      Economic Conditions
      Political Economy
      Social Education
      Socialization and Education
      Exclusive Facilities for Educational Advancement
      Educational and Social Mobility
      The Drop-out Dilemma

      Vol. 9: Women
      An Overview
      Issues and Problems
      Dalitism and Womanhood
      The Contemporary Scenario
      The Emancipation
      The Last Among Dalits
      Problems and Remedies
      Socio-cultural Mobility
      Changing Status
      The Human Response
      Religious Fundamentalism
      Social Condition
      Social Development
      Social Status
      Wealth Factor

      Vol. 10: Education
      The Identification
      Historical Overview
      Schooling System
      State Responsibility
      Identity Formation
      Development and Society
      Socio-Cultural Values in Higher Education
      Social Policy and Social Transformation

      Vol. 11: Literature
      Part One  --  Dalit: New Perspective of an Old Marathi Word
      Present, Past, Future and the New Poetry of 'Untouchables'
      Dalit Folklore: The Three Beliefs
      Part Two  --  Select Pieces of Dalit Poetry
      Part Three  --  Select Extracts from Dalit Prose


      Dr. Sanjay Paswan, Member of Parliament, an Anthropologist in his own
      right, with a Doctorate on Scheduled Castes.

      Dr. Pramanshi Jaideva, an Anthropologist and academic, authority on
      Scheduled Castes Affairs, with sound knowledge of Pali scriptures.


      Price indicated is in US dollars. Libraries & institutions may straight
      raise their purchase orders thru our website, e-mail, fax or post and
      pay routinely after receipt of materials & their corresponding invoices.

      Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru credit cards or
      personal checks drawn in US dollars (favouring <K.K.AGENCIES>) and while
      doing kindly select title/s in such a way that a one time order totals
      US $
      20 or above.

      Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <www.kkagencies.com>.
      We at KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable

      With kind regards,

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