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FW: Peabody Jobs

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Sent: Thursday, June 03, 1999 10:31 AM
      To: Leland G. Ferguson; Joanna Casey; Joe Mountjoy; Mary K. Sandford;
      Ann Popplestone; Eloise R. Ramirez; Gail E. Wagner
      Subject: Peabody Jobs

      The Peabody Museum is beginning a fairly large hiring process. As a result
      of NAGPRA, they will be hiring ASAP 10-15 people for 1-2 years.
      Briefly, outlines of the jobs are:
      +-2 osteologists: M.A. level; performing the element-by-element inventory
      on 5-8000 remaining human remains from North America.
      2 archaeologists: M.A. level; write/supervise the NAGPRA inventories for
      various regions of the US (southeast, midwest, great lakes, plains,
      northwest, california, alaska).
      2 archaeologists: B.A. level; assist the above-mentioned archaeologists in
      the writing the NAGPRA........
      4 archaeological cataloguers: B.A.+ level; catalog and inventory the
      100,000 - 1,000,000 physical objects remaining to be inventoried in our
      2 catalogue verifyers: B.A. level; assist with the cataloging by performing
      documentary research on the collections.
      All these jobs will probably have the standard Harvard "one year" condition.
      But in most, if not all cases, thee is three years of work to be done,
      Dr. Trish Capone (pcapone@... <mailto:pcapone@...> )
      and Barbara Isaacs will be handling the first three positions; David Schafer
      (dschafer@... <mailto:dschafer@...> ) will be
      handling the last two. David will be hiring for the last two positions
      ASAP. Probably by mid-June.
      As of May 27 all the positions had been posted. People should check out:
      Pass this information on to any interested/qualified folk.
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