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FW: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Hemakuta, Recent Researches in Ar chaeology and Museology [fwd]

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    ... From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@BUFFALO.EDU] Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:15 AM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian
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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Hemakuta, Recent Researches in Archaeology and Museology [fwd]

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      From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@...]
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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Hemakuta, Recent Researches in
      Archaeology and Museology [fwd]

      [Fwd by request. Details below. Hugh]

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      Subject: Hemakuta : Recent Researches in Archaeology and Museology -
      OneRecent Title/E
                                                                E/Editor's Pick:

      We have a **special discounted price shown in our offer against 'Your
      Price' applicable on all orders reaching us till 15 Aug 2001**. Also, we
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      Murthy, A. V. Narasimha,
      Hemakuta : Recent Researches in Archaeology and Museology / Editors: Dr. A.
      V. Narasimha Murthy, Dr. K. M. Suresh, Dr. K. P. Poonacha and Dr. K. R.
      Basavaraj.  1st ed. Delhi, Bharatiya Kala Prakashan.  2001.  29 cm.
      2 Vols. Contents: vol. 1. xxx, 270 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. ISBN:
      8186050485. vol. 2. xii, 271-499 p. ills. maps. ISBN: 8186050493.
      Shri C. T. M. Kotraiah Felicitation Volume.
      List Price: $ 266.70 (2-vol. Set)       Your Price: $ 240 (2-vol. Set)
      ISBN: 8186050663 (Set)          KK-14382

      This felicitation volume, brought out by the friends and admirers of Shri
      C. T. M. Kotraiah is to honour him appreciating his memorable services to
      the development of the Site Museums of the Archaeological Survey of India
      and his valuable contributions to archaeological research and study. There
      are eighty four invaluable papers penned by experienced and proficient
      scholars divulging their recent findings on various topics of scholastic
      and archaeological interests.

                                Prehistory, Protohistory and Anthropology
      1. Garapadu--A Neolithic Site / Maheswari G.
      2. Cultural Variations in the Chambal Division / Sharama R. A.
      3. A Report on Pre and Proto-Historical Sites of Bijapur Region / Vasudev
      4. Megalithic Period of South India : Some Aspects of Cultural Ecology /
      Sundara A.
      5. The Protohistoric Copper/Bronze Anthropomorphs from Northern India /
      Krishna Kumar
      6. Painted Rock Shelters of Ongana--A Study / Om Prakash Mishra &
      Shashikant Shukla
      7. The Unique Disc-Stone from Sannati / Talwar H. T.
      8. A Note on the Open-Air Rock Engravings in and around
      Chitradurga--Karnataka / Laxman Telagavi
      9. Recent Trends in Indian Archaeological Research : Some Observations /
      Kanna Babu D.
      10. Early Holocene, Culture of Eastern India and South East Asia: A
      Comparative Study / Sharma D. P.

                                       Historical Archaeology
      11. Exploration of an Ancient Port : Elephanta Island (Bombay) / Rao S. R.,
      Gaur A. S. and Sila Tripathi
      12. Karnataka's Westerly Trade During the Early Centuries of the Christian
      Era / Swamy L. N.
      13. Meritime Activities of Medieval Orissa / Padhy K. P.
      14. Identification of Marks and Dating of Historical Shipwreck--Marine
      Archaeological Investigation in the Arabian Sea / Alok Tripathi
      15. Archaeology of Vidisha District--Madhya Pradesh / Tripathi K. K.
      16. Ancient Remains of a Stupa at Ujjain--Madhya Pradesh / Narayan Vyas
      17. The Rouletted Pottery and its Distribution / Nigam J. S.
      18. The New Light On Gangas of Talkad / Devaraj D. V.

                                     Art, Architecture and Painting
      19. Kalediscopic Iconography of Buddha / Krishna Murthy K.
      20. Wedding of the Cosmic Couple--Siva Parvati / Pranabananda Jash
      21. Khatvanga Delineated in Kakatiya Sculptures / Padmanabha K. and Siva
      Nagi Reddy E.
      22. The Concept and Iconography of the Goddess of Learning and Music in
      India and Japan / Bhattacharyya A. K.
      23. Somaskanda and Trimurti : Parallel Iconographic Concepts / Raju Kalidas
      24. The Mahakala Sculpture at Sankaram in Visakhapatnam District--Andhra
      Pradesh / Hanumantha Rao D.
      25. Unique Image of Chamunda in Kairagarh Museum / Shiva Kanta Dwivedi
      26. Panchantantra Sculptures in the Someshvara Temple at Abalur /
      Channabasappa S. Patil
      27. Brahma Sculptures from Caramnbolim--Goa / Nambirajan M.
      28. The Problem of Conversion of Square into Circle in Indian Architecture
      / Sinha B. K.
      29. Sadasiva Temple at Sirval--Karnataka / Aruni S. K.
      30. Art and Architecture of Tulunadu--A Note / Raghunath Bhat H. S.
      31. Architecture of Fort Aguada--A Fresh study / Rao K. V.
      32. Somapalle Paintings : Thematic Presentation and Assessment of its Style
      / Chandrakumar T.
      33. Kerala Mural Traditions / Ramamurthy K. K.
      34. The Art of Calligraghy / Siddiqui A. R.
      35. Bhoramdeo Temple at Chaura Gaon / Nagarch B. L.

                                        History and Epigraphy
      36. Slavery in Buddhist Monasteries of Early India / Thakur V. K.
      37. Brahmanas in Early Deccan / Krishna Mohan Reddy P.
      38. Ghatikasthanas / Gopala Rao H. S.
      39. A Note on the use of Tambula in Ancient India / Shyam Manohar Mishra
      40. General Problems on Settlement and Further Expansion in the Middle
      Period / Ramesh K. V.
      41. Virupaksha Temple, Pattadakal--Karnataka / Kulakarni R. S.
      42. Virasaivism in the Yadava Period / Krishnappa M. V.
      43. Banteswara Temple--Early Hoysala Venture at Halebidu / Keshava T. V.
      44. Cheruku Reddi Chiefs / Mukunda Rao N.
      45. Foundation Date of the Vitthala Temple at Vijayanagara / George Michell
      46. State Policy Towards Certain Caste Groups in Andhra Pradesh under
      Vijayanagara / Krishna Kumari M.
      47. The Suma Oriental of Tome Pires--A Little known source of South Indian
      History of XVI Century / Dikshit G. S.
      48. A Note on the Stone Blocks with Concentric Rings at Hampi / Veerabhadra
      Rao K.
      49. Prasanna Virupaksha Temple--Virupaksha Pura at Hampi / Shivarudraswamy
      S. N.
      50. Achyuta Bazar at Hampi / Somasekhar S. Y.
      51. Pastimes as Reflected in Telugu Literature of Vijayanagar Period /
      Srilakshmi K. and Padma A.
      52. Rock Cut Caves of Sivasaranas at Basavakalyana / Shadakshariah R. M.
      53. Vasantha Mallikatrjuna Temple at Devalapura / Kotraiah C. H. M.
      54. Some Classical Aspects od Mushika-Vamsa / Narasimhan K. T.
      55. Defence Architecture in Sanskrit Silpa Literature / Joshi S. K.
      56. A Brief Note on the Pencil Sketches of Thomas Hickey at Srirangapattna
      / Sivananda V.
      57. Memorial Stones in Sweden in Comparison with the Indian Ones / Dayalan
      58. Forgotten British Cemetery at Balasore--Orissa / Chauley G. C.
      59. Yavanas in Western Indian Cave Inscriptions / Ajay Mitra Shastri
      60. Kanchipuram Inscriptions of Rajaraja--I / Swaminathan S.
      61. Itagi Inscription of Kannaradeva / Sampath M. D.
      62. Devarasigihalli Inscription of the time of Vikaramaditya--VI / Srinivas
      V. Padigar
      63. Land Grants at Mukhalingum--A Study / Vasudevan C. S.
      64. Some Place and Temple Names Occuring in the Paramara Inscriptions / Jai
      65. Gosalavidu Inscription of Bukkaraya / Madhav N. Katti
      66. Taxes as Seen in Haradanahalli Inscriptions / Usharani H. S.
      67. An Unpublished Copper Plate Grant of Krishnadevaraya / Sumabala P.
      68. Social Legislation in Medieval Tamil Country as Gleaned Through an
      Inscription from Varanavasi / Kuruppaiah K.
      69. Role of Money in Educational Institutions in Ancient Karnataka /
      Mahadeva C.
      70. Maratha Inscriptions of Tanjavur Region--Some New Discoveries and
      Interpretations / Suresh S.

                                 Conservation of Cultural Property
      71. Conservation of Historical Monuments / Sharma I. K.
      72. Qutb Archaeological Area : Towards Integral Study of Conservation of
      World Heritage Site / Mani B. R.
      73 . Conservation of Archaeological Excavated Site of the Agroha in Haryana
      / Phanikanta Mishra
      74. Management of the Historical Monuments and Facilities for Visitors /
      Margabandhu C.

                                        Museology and Museums
      75. Organisation and Development of Anthropology Museums / Rami Reddy V.
      76. Madras Museum and Prehistoric Researches / Devasahayam N.
      77. Role of Museums in relation to Society and National Development /
      Deshpande M. N.
      78. Museums and Cultural Interaction in the Realm of Music / Verma D. N.
      79. Role of Hampi Museum in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Mass
      Education / Hanumanthappa T.
      80. Shri C. T. M. Kotraiah--On of the Founder Curators of the Site Museums
      in the Archaeological Survey of India and his contribution to the Survey in
      the Field of Museology / Satyanarayana A.
      81. Role of Museums in Karnataka / Suresh K. M.
      82. A. Royal Museum during 14th Century / Mahabaleswaraiah C. T. M.
      83. Sarvadhikari and Dandanayaka in South Indian Administration / Narasimha
      Murthy A. V.
      84. Shilparsis in the Vedas / Swamy N. N.

      Dr. A. V. Narasimha Murthy is the Retd. Professor of Ancient History and
      Archaeology, Mysore University, Mysore.
      Dr. K. M. Suresh is the Director (Museum), Kannada University, Viddyaranya.

      Price indicated is in US dollars. Libraries & institutions may straight
      their purchase orders thru our website, e-mail, fax or post and pay
      after receipt of materials & their corresponding invoices.

      Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru their personal checks
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      <K.K.AGENCIES> and while so doing kindly put title/s together, so that a
      one time order totals upto US $ 20.

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