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FW: 7/23/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      FW: 7/23/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      Subject: 7/23/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

      The Chronicle of Higher Education's
      Weekly Report on COMMUNITY COLLEGES

      Here is news of interest to community colleges from our July 27
      issue. The Web addresses refer to the online versions of the


      *  BOOMING SUMMER SESSIONS: For students seeking early
         graduation, as well as colleges squeezed for space by growing
         enrollments, the programs increasingly make sense.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a03301.htm

      *  ECONOMIES OF SCALE: Eight community colleges are collaborating
         to cut their information-technology expenses.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a02901.htm

      *  REACHING THE INUIT: Nunavut, the newest Canadian territory,
         faces tough challenges to its goal of expanding higher
         education in a society that until recently relied on
         subsistence living.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a03801.htm

      *  THEORY INTO PRACTICE: Full-time faculty members should run the
         show. But adjuncts who teach as a sideline are more convincing
         in demonstrating the real value of education, writes Bruce
         E.R. Thompson, a librarian at California State University at
         San Marcos and an adjunct professor of philosophy at Cuyamaca
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46b01601.htm

      *  HOT TYPE: A new book by Phil Pastras, a professor at Pasadena
         City College, revisits the life and legacy of the great jazz
         pianist Jelly Roll Morton.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a01801.htm

      *  NAKED LUNCH: Baltimore International College had egg on its
         face when it accidentally mailed a recruitment brochure for
         its culinary-arts program that featured a baker in a bikini.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a00602.htm


      *  OFFICE TO LET: The Bush administration has yet to fill the
         Education Department's top higher-education post. Some
         educators wonder if the White House cares about college
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a01901.htm

      *  CHANGING THE RULES: A House of Representatives subcommittee
         approved a bill to make it easier for some distance-education
         programs to offer federal aid.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i46/46a02802.htm


      Our Career Network has 28 positions available at two-year
      colleges, from the pages of The Chronicle.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/jobs/cc


      You can recruit administrators and faculty members 24 hours a
      day, seven days a week with a Profile on The Chronicle's Career
      Network. To find out more about this invaluable recruitment tool
      please get in touch with Rick Plotkin at
      rick.plotkin@... or (202) 466-1775.

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      special Web page just for community colleges at:

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