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FW: Italian publication opportunities (FWD)

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: Italian publication opportunities (FWD)

      Forwarded for your edification... Please send any comments to the editor.
      - Hugh

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      Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 18:06:16 +0200
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      Subject: angelo pontecorboli editore - firenze - italy



      Dear Sir,
      Since many years we are the publishers of the following journals:
      a.. Human Evolution
      b.. International Journal of Anthropology
      c.. Antropologia Contemporanea
      d.. Global Bioethics

      Editor: Brunetto Chiarelli - University of Florence
      Are you interested in the publication of your papers?
      If accepted by our Scientific Committee, publication will be free of
      charge !! Write to our Email: pontecorboli@...
      Since to-day till June 30, we offer a special promotion for subscriptions:
      Human Evolution, usual yearly subscription US$ 150
      For you, till June 30
      subscription for 1999, only US$ 75
      International Journal of Anthropology, usual yearly subscription US$ 115
      For you, till June 30
      subscription for 1999, only US$ 52,00
      Orders to our Email: pontecorboli@... <mailto:pontecorboli@...>
      Payments by credit card accepted

      Just published
      Population Biology of Human Aging
      by O.M.Pavlovsky (*) and E.Kobyliansky (**), pages 152
      Material and Methods. Osteomorphic Indices at Individual and Populational
      Intragroup Diversity of Age Osteomorphic Indices as Anthropological
      criteria of Biological Age
      Local Ethno-territorial Variability of Age Osteomorphic Indices in the
      Population of the Barguzin Hollow
      Intergroup Diversity of Age Osteomorphic Indices in the Indigenous
      Populations of Central Asia and South Kazakhstan Deserts
      Age Osteomorphic Status in Groups of Long-Lived Individuals
      Intragroup Cohorts and Feasibility of Standardizing Biological Age
      Indices for Adults
      Trends in Variability of Age Osteomorphic Status in Urban and Rural
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