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FW: 7/9/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      FW: 7/9/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      Subject: 7/9/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

      The Chronicle of Higher Education's
      Weekly Report on COMMUNITY COLLEGES

      Here is news of interest to community colleges from our July 13
      issue. The Web addresses refer to the online versions of the


      *  FAMILY BUSINESS: When Southwestern Michigan College hired the
         board chairman's son as president, some people saw a potential
         for conflicts of interest.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a02401.htm

      *  CHANGING CHANNELS: Telecourses continue to grow in popularity
         -- despite the rise of online education -- and the Internet
         may provide opportunities for more growth and improvement.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a02901.htm

         *  POWER OF TRADITION: The Public Broadcasting Service is not
            worried that online education will force changes in the
            network's telecourse programs.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a03102.htm

         *  DODGING A BULLET: Despite earlier fears about Federal
            Communications Commission policy, educators now appear
            unlikely to lose their broadcast frequencies.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a03101.htm

         *  NEW TECHNOLOGY: High-definition television could improve
            telecourses -- for universities with the right budget and
            network capacity.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a03201.htm

      *  TEACHING AND TECHNOLOGY: From cyber critiques of math homework
         to virtual surgery, digital technology in the classroom will
         transform higher education, write Frank Newman and Jamie
         Scurry, respectively the director and the coordinator of the
         Futures Project: Policy for Higher Education in a Changing
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44b00701.htm

      *  HAZY FRONTIER: Sure, there's a place for new media in higher
         education. But we're only beginning to explore how technology
         will affect teaching, writes T. Mills Kelly, an assistant
         professor of history at George Mason University.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44b00901.htm

      *  BATTLING OVER INTEREST RATES: Banks say a planned reduction
         would raise their loan costs prohibitively, but advocates for
         students say a delay would hurt borrowers.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a02001.htm


      *  STEAL THIS ESSAY: To some students, other people's writing,
         like pizza deliveries, may now be irresistibly convenient,
         writes Ellen Laird, an instructor of English at Hudson Valley
         Community College.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44b00501.htm

      *  CHASING DREAMS: Three profiles feature members of the first
         class of the Gates Millennium Scholars program, which gives
         grants to low-income minority students.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a03401.htm

      *  TRANSITION WATCH: A longtime critic of Greg Woods, chief
         operating officer of the U.S. Education Department's Office
         of Student Financial Assistance, is joining the department's
         leadership team.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a02003.htm

      *  "FACULTY DRAFT": An unusual approach to personnel at Franklin
         University, which has ties to scores of community colleges,
         has infuriated many professors.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a01201.htm

      *  OUR BOND-RATING UPDATE for June 2001 notes that the Tarrant
         County College District saw its credit rating upgraded.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i44/44a02701.htm


      Our Career Network has 34 positions available at two-year
      colleges, from the pages of The Chronicle.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/jobs/cc


      You can recruit administrators and faculty members 24 hours a
      day, seven days a week with a Profile on The Chronicle's Career
      Network. To find out more about this invaluable recruitment tool
      please get in touch with Rick Plotkin at
      rick.plotkin@... or (202) 466-1775.

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      special Web page just for community colleges at:

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