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FW: [ANTHRO-L] CFP: Materialist Post-Colonial Readings

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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] CFP: Materialist Post-Colonial Readings

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] CFP: Materialist Post-Colonial Readings

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      Subject: CFP: Materialist Post-Colonial Readings

      Call for papers for the special session:

      Structure in Postcolonial Theory and Literature

      at the Central NY Conference on Language and
      Literature, Cortland, NY, October 28-30.

      Despite the continuing appeal of post-colonial theory
      and criticism, many academics have expressed their
      concerns about the textual turn in post-colonial
      studies. Nonetheless, the pitfalls of post-colonial
      theory and criticism can still be corrected once
      post-coloniality is developed in dialogue with other
      critical interventions and forms of social
      mobilization. This panel seeks to examine one path of
      development namely, reading texts at the intersection
      of post-colonialism and cultural materialism, or
      general Marxist approaches to literature. Issues for
      consideration may include:

      * Continuities and divergencies between
      postcolonialism and Marxism.

      * the politics of production and reception of the
      post-colonial text within the international division
      of labor.

      * pedagogies of materialist post-colonialism.

      * Globalization and the post-colonial: Glocalization
      (global/local interdependencies) Vs. world-system

      * Gender/feminism between Marxism and

      * Transnational feminism and materialist

      * Intellectuals: Materialist post-colonial

      * Marxists and their post-colonial connections:
      Engagements with the specific critiques of
      post-colonialism in the works of Marxist critics
      (e.g., Frederick Jameson, Timothy Brennan, Arif
      Dirlik, etc.)

      * Pots-colonialists and their Marxists conections:
      Interventions in post-colonial critiques that reflects

      Marxist influences,overt or covert (e.g. Spivak, Said,
      Sangari, Radhakrishnan, etc.)

      Send abstracts by July 15, 2001 to:
      Dr. Jamil Khader
      Assistant Prof of English
      The English Department
      Stetson University
      421 N. Woodland Blv.
      Deland, FL 32720

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