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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Job Opportunity - Palau - Cultural Anthropology

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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] Job Opportunity - Palau - Cultural Anthropology

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Job Opportunity - Palau - Cultural Anthropology


      TITLE:  Cultural Anthropologist/Ethnographer


      Palau Historic Preservation Program/Division of Cultural
      Affairs/Bureau of Arts and Culture of the Ministry of Community
      and Cultural Affairs/Government of the Republic of Palau.


      This position is under the supervision of the Palau Historic
      Preservation Officer.  Its primary responsibilities include to
      assist the Oral History/Ethnography Component of the program to
      codify and to record the oral histories and the principles of
      traditional laws and cultures of Palau for preservation and
      education purposes; and to assist in carrying out
      responsibilities as mandated by the Title 19 of PNC and the
      Section 106 of US Historic Preservation Act of 1966 as amended.
      The Palau Cultural Anthropologist will be responsible also for
      other program-related tasks that may be required by the Palau
      Historic Preservation Program/DCA/BAC of the Ministry of
      Community and Cultural Affairs. This is a national level contract
      position funded by a Historic Preservation Fund Grant
      administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National
      Park Service (NPS). Compliance with all applicable U.S. Federal
      laws and regulations is required in the course of duty.


      Full Time - Contract (renewable annually).
      Salary:  $ 30,000.00 to $37,000.00 annually depending upon
      education and experience.  After completing two years, yearly
      increment of salary will be in effect.


      Housing accommodation excluding water and
      electricity.  15 days annual leave per year and 15 days sick
      leave per year and holidays with full pay if worked.
      Transportation and moving expenses for worker and family from
      origin, and returning to origin upon completion of the contract,
      will be provided. Medical and Life Insurance are optional.


      POSITION STARTING DATE: August 13, 2001


      ** Co-directs the Oral History and Ethnography Program Area.

      ** Develops priorities, work plans, personnel
      responsibilities and time allocations, required budgets and
      equipment needs for satisfactorily carrying out the
      responsibilities of the Oral History and Ethnography Program

      ** Conducts anthropological and ethnographic field studies,
      surveys, inventory, research, and collection of oral
      histories that will complement the DCA's archaeological

      ** Develops and maintains the computer database for the Oral
      History and Ethnography Program Area and trains staff in its

      ** Designs, develops and implements educational programs
      that reflect the significance and importance of oral history
      and the ethnographic aspect of historic preservation.

      ** Continues the compilation and publication of the oral
      histories and traditions of Palau with the assistance of the
      Palau Society of Historians.

      ** Continues to assist in developing interpretive,
      educational and public presentations and programs required
      of the Historic Preservation Program.

      ** Is responsible for DCA Project Review Process.  Reviews
      and critiques private contractor preservation and site
      assessment reports.

      ** Seeks funding opportunities and writes grant

      ** Helps to develop necessary historic preservation

      ** Performs other related tasks that may be required by the
      Historic Preservation Officer.


      The applicant must have a graduate degree
      in Anthropology with a specialization in Applied
      Cultural Anthropology or a closely related field, PLUS a
      minimum of two (2) years of full-time professional
      experience (including at least six months of field work
      supervised by a professional Cultural Anthropologist)
      applying the theories, methods, and practices of Cultural
      Anthropology that enables professional judgments to be made
      about the identification, evaluation, registration,
      documentation, or treatment of historic, prehistoric, or
      traditional cultural properties; AND products and activities
      that demonstrate the successful application of acquired
      proficiencies in the discipline to the practices of historic
      preservation. Products and may include but are not limited

      ** Ethnographic field studies and survey reports, oral
      histories, or social impact assessments.

      ** National Register documentation of ethnographic resources
      or traditional cultural properties resulting in property
      listing or Determinations of National Register Eligibility.

      ** Publications, which might include articles in regional,
      national, or international professional journals,
      monographs, books, chapters in edited books, or audio/visual
      and Internet based products related to the documentation and
      preservation of historic and archeological resources, and/or
      traditional cultural properties.

      ** Presentations at regional, national, or international
      professional conferences, symposia, workshop or exhibits
      related to the documentation and preservation of historic
      and archeological resources, and/or traditional cultural

      ** Professional services on boards or committees or
      regional, national, or international professional
      organizations concerned with the documentation and
      preservation of historic and archeological resources.

      ** Awards, research grants, research fellowships, or
      invitations to teaching posts.


      ** Demonstrated skill and success in program or activity

      ** Demonstrated skill in public speaking and writing for
      public audiences.

      ** Demonstrated ability to maintain positive, productive
      relationships with a wide array of work colleagues, members
      of the public, and affiliated organizations.

      ** Training and demonstrated skill in interpretive and
      educational program development and execution.

      ** Demonstrated competency in the operation of computers and
      computer software relating to word processing, some
      database/GIS programs (such as Fox Pro, Excel, Arc View, Access,
      etc.) and/or spreadsheets.

      ** Anthropological fieldwork experience in the Pacific,
      preferably Micronesia.

      ** Background in folklore studies, musicology or
      ethnomusicology or linguistics.


      Selection procedures used
      to evaluate an applicant's qualifications will include
      review and evaluation of the application and any required
      supplemental material, and may include an oral interview,
      and reference checks. Applicants will be notified when
      screening has been completed. This job vacancy has been
      fairly and widely advertised for soliciting qualified
      applicants for the position.


      ** Curriculum Vitae with exceptional qualifications .

      ** Written response to the following two supplemental

      (1)  Describe your experience working with elderly citizens
      and/or any citizen groups that support programs associated
      with the work you are affiliated with.
      (2)  Describe your reasons for wanting this position.

      ** Medical Clearance/Health Certificate from Origin. Police
      Record Clearance from Origin

      ** Two (2) pictures - size of  approximately 1 x 1

      ** All materials required must be turned in by 4:30 p.m. on the
      closing date.

      IMMIGRATION AND LABOR INFORMATION: According to Immigration
      and Labor laws in the Republic of Palau, the Medical
      Clearance/Health Certificate, Police Clearance and pictures
      shall be submitted for processing the required work permit.


      Division of Cultural Affairs/Bureau of Arts and Culture
      (Palau Historic Preservation Program)
      c/o Vicky N. Kanai, HPO/DCA Chief
      P. O. Box 535
      Koror, PW
      Republic of Palau, 96940

      Phone: (680) 488-2489
      Fax:   (680) 488-2657
      E-mail: histpres@...


      Employee will be required, if necessary, to work in remote
      areas under difficult environmental conditions including
      high heat and humidity and inclement weather.

      Personal publications by the DCA Anthropologist that are of
      a research or technical nature and that have been derived
      from work conducted in the course of her or his duty as the
      DCA Cultural Anthropologist must acknowledge financial
      support from the Republic of Palau and NPS.  At least one
      final copy of any such publication must be provided to the
      DCA and NPS.  NPS and the U.S. Department of the Interior
      shall have a royalty free right to republish any such

      == End of Job Announcement ==

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