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FW: 6/11/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      FW: 6/11/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

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      Subject: 6/11/2001 Chronicle Report on Community Colleges

      The Chronicle of Higher Education's
      Weekly Report on COMMUNITY COLLEGES

      Here is news of interest to community colleges from our June 15
      issue. The Web addresses refer to the online versions of the


      *  HIRING BOOM: While much of higher education is retrenching,
         many community colleges are looking for new faculty members,
         especially those with a commitment to the colleges' mission.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a00801.htm

      *  DIRECT LENDING'S LAST STAND? The program remains popular with
         many prominent colleges, but a lawsuit and changing political
         fortunes may doom it.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a01801.htm

      *  TECHNICAL COLLEGES PROPOSED: Utah lawmakers will vote this
         month on whether to create a 10-campus college of applied
         technology that would rely heavily on competency exams.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02403.htm

      *  UNDER FIRE: A South Carolina law that ties all state aid for
         public colleges to their performance has not improved them as
         much as its sponsors had hoped, a new report charges.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02402.htm

      *  ENCOURAGING HISPANIC ENROLLMENT: Local businesses and colleges
         should help develop outreach programs to raise the students'
         college-going rate, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund urges.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02003.htm

      *  BOND-RATING UPDATE: Two community colleges are among
         institutions that had their creditworthiness upgraded in May.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02701.htm

      *  ARE WE ABLE? The Americans With Disabilities Act has brought
         us a long way, but colleges must do more to remove the
         obstacles that disabled people face, writes I. King Jordan,
         the president of Gallaudet University.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40b01401.htm


      *  PENDING: The New York State Assembly is considering a bill
         that would create a program to provide needy students with
         grants to study abroad.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02401.htm

      *  LOAN RATE TO DIP: The interest rate on federal student loans
         will drop by 2.2 percentage points in July, to reach its
         lowest mark in recent years.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02001.htm

      *  AVOIDING LAWSUITS: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case
         that deals with the immunity of public colleges and other
         state agencies to claims in federal court.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a02201.htm

      *  BAD CHOICES: More students are obtaining multiple credit cards
         and graduating with large sums of consumer debt, and
         Congressional legislation may make it more difficult for them
         to recover.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/weekly/v47/i40/40a03501.htm


      Our Career Network has 48 positions available at two-year
      colleges, from the pages of The Chronicle.
         --> SEE http://chronicle.com/jobs/cc


      You can recruit administrators and faculty members 24 hours a
      day, seven days a week with a Profile on The Chronicle's Career
      Network. To find out more about this invaluable recruitment tool
      please get in touch with Rick Plotkin at
      rick.plotkin@... or (202) 466-1775.

      You can find all of The Chronicle's community-college news on our
      special Web page just for community colleges at:

      And for all the news of higher education, be sure to visit our
      home page at:

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