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      Subject: Society for Preservation of Natural History Collections

      Another forward. Please respond to addresses as listed below! Thanks, Hugh.

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      Subject: SPNHC 99

      There's still time to register for the 14th annual meeting of the Society
      for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, to be held at the
      Smithsonian Institution under the sponsorship of the Smithsonian Center for
      Material Research and Education and the National Museum of Natural History.
      In addition to 3 days of papers and posters on all aspects of the care and
      conservation of natural history materials (including genetic resource
      collections, health and safety issues, and repatriation), there is a great
      variety of conference activities for museum professionals. Check our web
      sites at <http://www.si.edu/scmre/spnhc99.html
      <http://www.si.edu/scmre/spnhc99.html> > and
      <http://www.geo.ucalgary.ca/spnhc/ <http://www.geo.ucalgary.ca/spnhc/> >
      for details on the following:
      Pre-Conference Trip to the Naturalist Center, Leesburg, VA, and the U.S.
      Fish and Wildlife National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, WV
      The NC is a unique public study center, featuring 30,000 objects from the
      different collections at NMNH. The NC offers specialized programs for school
      groups, nationally recognized teacher workshops, and specialty workshops on
      particular collections.
      The National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) opened in the fall of 1997.
      On its campus of 16 buildings, the NCTC offers conference facilities and
      training to various wildlife conservation and natural resource management
      related Federal agencies. In addition to a small biological teaching
      collection, the facilities include aquatics, computer, and GIS laboratories.
      Workshop - Finance and Funding: Linking Collections Care Needs to Money in
      the Museum This two-day workshop will provide a financial primer on
      operating statements, budgeting, fundraising, and on linking long range
      plans for collections care needs to the budgeting and fundraising process.
      It will help staff integrate funding needs into grant writing and capital
      campaigns, and broaden staff understanding of the development and use of
      financial information in institutional decision making.
      Pre-Conference Trip to Jefferson Patterson Park, St. Leonard, MD
      Participants will tour the Academy of Natural Sciences Estuarine Research
      Center (ANSERC), a field laboratory on the Patuxent River.
      Also at this park, we will visit the Maryland Archaeological
      Conservation (MAC) Laboratory. This new facility has incorporated many
      interesting and effective elements in its design. Lunch will be served at
      the MAC Lab, and afterwards participants are encouraged to visit the park,
      visitor center, museum and Woodland, Riverside, Shoreline and Bayscape
      Nature Trails.
      Pre-Conference Trip to Fossil Localities in Calvert County, MD Participants
      will tour and collect from two Miocene localities in Calvert County,
      Maryland that are rich in fossil marine life including mollusks, sharks, and
      marine mammals.
      Workshop - Rigging: Lifting & Moving Large Objects, Garber Facility,
      Building 26, Suitland, MD This one-day workshop is designed to cover the
      principles of rigging. Topics will include the proper rigging tools and
      equipment to use, safety issues, teamwork and the roles within a rigging
      team, communication, and how to choose a rigger if you lack the skills or
      equipment to do the job yourself.
      National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) Collections Tours NMNH houses over
      121.6 million artifacts and specimens. NMNH staff will lead tours through
      selected collections.
      Pre-Conference Trip to Alexandria Archaeology, Alexandria, VA Participants
      will visit Alexandria Archaeology, a city-operated archaeology program, in
      Old Town Alexandria.
      Workshop - CO2 Fumigation: Atmospheric Treatment of Museum Objects for Pest
      Control - CO2 is a relatively non-toxic alternative to organochlorines,
      organophosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids and other toxins often used in
      museum pest control. It leaves no residue, and unlike freezing and heat
      treatment, can be safely used for many composite materials. However,
      recently the only vendor of commercial CO2 dispensers has ceased selling in
      the United States or Canada. This �-day workshop will address how you can
      use commonly available components to create your own fumigation unit, and
      how to maintain or modify your existing unit.
      Open House at the Smithsonian Centers in Suitland, MD Staff of SCMRE and
      NMNH will be on hand to show off the SCMRE laboratory and the Anthropology
      laboratories and collections storage areas of the Museum Support Center
      facility. The storage facility houses over 30 million natural history
      specimens, and a number of associated laboratories. Move staff will offer
      demonstrations of "packing big things" throughout the afternoon. Also open
      will be the labs and storage areas located in the rest of MSC and in some
      nearby facilities, including the osteology preparation facility, the Botany
      Greenhouse, the Garber Facility Building 26, and the National Museum of
      American Indian Cultural Resource Center.
      Icebreaker Reception, Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
      Banquet and Dance: Odyssey Cruise
      The annual banquet and dance will be held on the cruise ship Odyssey.
      Experience our nation's capital from an impressive and memorable setting as
      we wine and dine aboard.
      We hope to see you in DC!
      Sally Shelton
      President, SPNHC

      Collections Officer, National Museum of Natural History
      Smithsonian Institution
      Washington, DC 20560-0107
      email <Shelton.Sally@... <mailto:Shelton.Sally@...> >

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