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FW: 7th Sri lanka Studies Conference, Canberra Australia (fwd)

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      Subject: 7th Sri lanka Studies Conference, Canberra Australia (fwd)

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      Subject: 7th Sri lanka Studies Conference, Canberra Australia

      Retrospect and Prospect
      Sri Lanka has in modern times been an Euro-Centred country looking to Europe
      and the USA as political and economic models. In recent years however,
      there have been moves by the state and the private sector agencies, which
      signal a change in the direction to make it more Asia-Centred in terms of
      current trading and defence arrangements ie. SAARC. Globalisation,
      economic liberalisation & integration, political violence and internal war,
      emigration, internationalisation of education, and enhanced communication
      are some of the key processes which have transformed the traditional
      socio-economic and political landscape, fabric of civic life as well as the
      norms applicable to individual/community living space. Australia, with
      entrepreneurial, professional, policy and research directions focused on the
      Asia-pacific region, has a significant concentration of Sri Lankan
      expatriates who have re-constructed their cultural and community life along
      the Sri Lankan models. This conference aims to examine and synthesise the
      global, regional, diasporic and Sri Lankan dimensions by adopting broader
      perspectives to the conference themes and engaging in informed and
      disciplined dialogue focussed on the looming new millennium.
      The conference attempts to portray the social, economic, political and
      cultural changes that have taken place in Sri Lanka as a post colonial
      society, especially over the last five decades, in the regional and global
      contexts. It has also a futuristic aspect in that it looks at the prospects
      for Sri Lanka in the new millennium, an era of regional and global import.
      The conference adopts a broad spectrum approach to the analysis of change in
      the social order, and is examined from the standpoint of several disciplines
      and fields of study. These, in addition to the conventional disciplines of
      history, economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, religion,
      literature, and demography, include critical, media and cultural studies,
      science and technology, information field, international relations,
      development, defence, community, and professional studies, environmental
      science, legal and ethnic studies.
      The conference has a three-dimensional focus:
      * A Focus on the regional relationships(SAARC, ASEAN, APEC)
      * Focus on Sri Lanka
      * Focus on the Sri Lankan Diaspora(expatriate Sri Lankan communities)

      Papers are called for from scholars, policy and planning professionals, and
      those who have a background in research, writing or community work.
      Postgraduate students are also welcome. Papers are sought on a range of
      topics. Further details are available on request. Alternatively please go
      to our Web site. For the abstract 150 words should be typed and double
      spaced. Information to be included at the top of the abstract are the
      title, author's full name, affiliation, complete mailing address with
      telephone, fax, and email numbers/addresses, a brief paragraph with bio
      data, and details of the author's scholarly, professional, or community
      affiliation. Abstracts should be forwarded by mail, fax or email to the
      Conference Co-ordinator by 30th of June.
      Conference Co-ordinator
      Dr. Siri Gamage, School of Education Studies (& the Centre for Aboriginal
      and Multicultural Studies), University of New England, Armidale, NSW 2351
      Telephone: Local 02-67733836 International +61 2 67733836
      Fax: Local 02-67733350 International +61 2
      Email: sgamag2@... <mailto:sgamag2@...>
      Web Page: http://fehps.une.edu.au/F/r/edu/CallPapers.html

      Dr. Siri Gamage
      Senior Lecturer, Multicultural Studies
      Centre for Research in Aboriginal and Multicultural studies (Tel: (02)
      Department of Education Studies
      University of New England
      Armidale, NSW 2351 Australia.

      Tel: (02) 67733836 International: 61-2-67733836
      Fax:(02) 67733350 International: 61-2-67733350
      Email: sgamag2@... <mailto:sgamag2@...>

      * 7th Sri Lanka Studies Conference will be held in Canberra, Australia
      between Dec. 3-6th,1999. This is an international gathering of scholars who
      have worked on topics related to Sri Lanka eg. society, economy, politics,
      education, and culture. Previous conferences were held in France, UK, Sri
      Lanka, and USA. Conference co-ordinator, Siri Gamage.
      Further information is available at

      * Conflict and Community in Contemporary Sri Lanka(ed). Siri Gamage &
      Bruce Watson. Sage, India. This book will be available soon.

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