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      On with the show ...

      1 2 3 4 ... I DECLARE A PRICE WAR

      Three days ago, the folks at Amazon.com [ http://www.amazon.com/
      <http://www.amazon.com/> ] touched off an online price war when they
      announced that they will sell books from the current New York Times
      bestseller list at 50 percent off the cover price. Within hours, Borders [
      http://www.borders.com <http://www.borders.com> / ] and Barnes and Noble [
      http://www.barnesandnoble.com <http://www.barnesandnoble.com> ] announced
      that they too will offer half price discounts on New York Times bestsellers.
      Unfortunately, these discounts only apply to online purchases-
      Borders' and Barnes and Noble's real-world, storefront operations will not
      be offering similar discounts.
      The online discounts, however, are real. The only confusing thing is that
      Amazon.com's list of New York Times bestsellers is different than the
      bestseller list used by Borders, Barnes and Noble, and even the New York
      Times Web site [the Times' list can be found online at
      <http://www.nytimes.com/books/yr/mo/day/bsp/besthardfiction.html> ]. For
      some reason, Amazon is (at least at the time of this writing) using _next
      week's_ bestseller list; Borders and Barnes and Noble (and the New York
      Times Web site) are still using _this week's_ list. Since the bestseller
      list changes from week to week, and since the bookstores are using different
      bestseller lists, it is conceivable that Amazon will be offering discounts
      not offered by Borders and Barnes and Noble, and vice versa. The moral of
      this story? Shop around.
      Of course, shopping around takes time. That's where our first TOURBUS
      stop comes in [was this a long intro or WHAT!]. If you are looking for
      a free way to compare book prices at 37 different online bookstores,
      point your Web browser to the "AddAll.com" Web site at
      <a href="http://www.addall.com/ <http://www.addall.com/> ">
      http://www.addall.com/ <http://www.addall.com/> </a>.

      AddAll.com is a free, online bookstore search engine. Key in a few simple
      search terms, and the site will tell you how much it will cost to have a
      particular book shipped to you from each of 37 different online bookstores.
      AddAll.com's database includes all of the major "players" (including
      Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Borders.com) as well as a few bookstores
      I have never heard of (including Cody's Books, Alphabet Street, and
      Alphacraze). When you find the lowest price for the book you are looking
      for, just click a link on AddAll's page and you are automatically
      transported to the appropriate bookstore's homepage.
      The AddAll.com site itself is quite easy to use. All you have to do is:
      1. Choose your shipping destination from the pull-down list.
      [AddAll will tell you how much each of the 37 bookstores
      will charge you to ship a book anywhere in the world.]
      2. Choose the currency units you want to use [AddAll will
      compute your purchase and shipping costs in one of up to 20 different
      currencies from the US dollar to the Euro to the Malaysian Ringgit.]
      3. Define your search by Title, ISBN, Author, or keyword.
      4. Key in your search term(s).
      5. Click on the "Click to Find" button.

      For example, let's see how much it will cost me to order Tom Clancy's book
      "Rainbow Six" and have it delivered to my home in Ala-backwards. I key in
      all of the appropriate information and click on the "Click to Find" button.
      What comes up is a screen that is similar to what you would see if you did a
      keyword search at Dogpile or AltaVista.
      One of the most frustrating things about AddAll is that the results
      displayed by its search engine are ... well ... terse. For example, a
      search for "Rainbow Six" results in 16 hits, but you can't tell which hit is
      for the audio book, which is for the large print edition, or which is the
      hard cover edition. In short, you have to hunt to find what you are looking
      The hunt, however, is worth it. When you finally find the book you are
      looking for-in this case, it is the 6th hit on the page-AddAll searches
      through 37 different online bookstores and then displays a page telling you:
      1. The name of each store that has the book you are looking
      2. What shipping service each store will use to ship the book
      to you (UPS ground, FedEX, snail mail, and so on);
      3. How long it will take to receive the book from each
      4. How much the shipping will cost;
      5. How much US sales tax you will have to pay (some states
      charge their residents a sales tax on their online purchases; most do not.
      If you are outside of the US, you can ignore this column);
      6. The price of the book at each of the bookstores; and
      7. The total price of the book (price plus shipping plus tax)
      at each bookstore.

      The price differentials are amazing. I can purchase Rainbow Six online and
      have it delivered to me for anywhere between US$20.70 and US$34.66. And the
      more expensive the book's cover price is, the bigger the online price
      differential will be. [I recently ordered a copy of Microsoft's TCP/IP
      Training manual, and it has a list price of $99.99. Thanks to AddAll.com, I
      am having a copy delivered to me tomorrow for only $62.75, and that includes
      AddAll also offers a free search engine for used an out of print books

      While AddAll's used book search engine only searches through 10 online
      bookstores, it is still a great tool for anyone who is on a budget
      (especially college students).
      I also want to give a special tip of the hat to the folks at AddAll.com for
      recognizing that, at least here in the South, the phrases "AddAll" and
      "AtAll" are homonyms. Fortunately, the folks at AddAll registered both
      "AddAll.com" and "AtAll.com" as domain names. [So you can tell your friends
      about this site over the phone and not have to worry about your friends
      mishearing you and accidentally going to a whitehouse.com-esque porn site.]
      Anyway, if you read a lot-and especially if the folks at the online
      bookstores like Amazon.com know you and your credit card number by heart --
      you really owe it to yourself to check out AddAll.com. This site is going
      save you a BUNCH of money!
      http://www.addall.com/ <http://www.addall.com/>


      BALKS (noun). A square container.
      Usage: "Bubba ... get me a balks of matches!"

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