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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian book [Fwd]

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian book [Fwd]

      [Forwarded by request, details below. Hugh]

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      Subject: The Nature of Man and Culture - One Recent Title/E
      Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 11:24:53 +0500
      From: "k.k.agencies" <kkagen@...>
                                                             E/Editor's Pick:

      Here is an enduring work, just published, which could be of interest to

      We have a **special discounted price shown in our offer against 'Your
      Price' applicable on all orders reaching us till 30 June 2001**. Also,
      _make all shipments by registered AIRMAIL with no additional charges_.
      may give a reference to this bulletin while ordering. For ordering
      please refer at the end.


      Saraswati, Baidyanath,
      The Nature of Man and Culture : Alternative Paradigms in Anthropology /
      Edited by Baidyanath Saraswati.  1st ed. New Delhi, Aryan Books
      International.  2001.  xvi, 175 p. 25 cm.
      In association with Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New
      List Price: $ 46.70     Your Price: $ 42
      ISBN: 8173051968                KK-13956


      'The Nature of Man and Culture' is a response to the relentless search
      alternative paradigms in anthropology. Presented here are Contributions
      from a distinguished group of experts from India, Kenya, Korea,
      Mexico and USA. Anthropology based on the premises of a materialistic
      science does not answer but raises questions about man. As for secular
      Western science what is one to think? Are other modes of thinking
      outside the modern scientific horizon? Are there no visions of man, no
      other pillars of truth? Must everything be aided only by reason? Must an
      African, an Indian and a Chinese be uprooted from the nature-integrated
      culture? Can one observe the hidden variables of another culture? Do we
      have to follow the Darwinian - Tylorian - Durkheimian - Morganian -
      Malinoiskian anthropology, with no real choice at all? Or do we look for
      new understanding? To answer such central questions, the authors of this
      volume reflect on sacred science, space and time, experience and
      expression, and question of universality. An effort has been made to
      're-language' traditional thought in terms of sacred science, cosmic
      anthropology, sonic anthropology, philosophical anthropology, quantum
      anthropology, experiential anthropology, people's anthropology and so
      This book is an important contribution to the field of anthropological
      studies and an invaluable tool for anyone interested in a deeper
      understanding of human nature and culture.

      Part 1. Sacred Science
      1. Alternative Paradigms in Anthropology: The Cosmic Anthroplogical
      Principle / Baidyanath Saraswati
      2. Views on Man and His Nature in Indian Philosophy / Makhan Jha
      3. Concept of Self in Indian Culture / N. K. Behura
      4. Philosophical Anthropology in the Discourse of Sufism / A. R. Momin
      5. Anthropology of Sound / Onkar Prasad

      Part 2. Space and Time
      6. Cultural Concepts of Space and Time / Molly Kaushal
      7. Universalities and Specificities in the African Conception of Space
      Time / Osaga Odak
      8. The Paradigm of Self-Organization from Village to Pilgrimage / J.

      Part 3. Experience and Expression
      9. Dynamics of Cultural Communication : Anthropology of Experience / S.
      10. Understanding a Culture Experientially / Anjali Capila
      11. Dance as Communication with the Cosmos / Yolotl Gonzalez Torres

      Part 4. Question of University
      12. Paradigms of Next Century / Rafael Lopez-Sanz
      13. Toward the Development of Anthropology Relevant to the Study of
      People, Society and Culture / Han Sang-Bok
      14. Alternative Paradigms in Anthropology at the Confluence of
      from Indigenous and Global Knowledge Systems / Jan Brouwer


      Price indicated is in US dollars. Libraries & institutions may straight
      raise their purchase orders thru our website, e-mail, fax or post and
      pay routinely after receipt of materials & their corresponding invoices.

      Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru their personal
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      <K.K.AGENCIES> and while so doing kindly put title/s together, so that a
      one time order totals upto US $ 20.

      Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <www.kkagencies.com>. We at
      KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable and

      With kind regards,

      K. R. Mittal                              E-mail: kkagen@...
      K. K. Agencies                                    info@...
      Online Store of Indian Publications       Website: www.kkagencies.com
      H-12 Bali Nagar                           Fax: (+0091/11)5173055
      New Delhi-110015 / India                  Phone: (+0091/11)5465925

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