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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Two Year Post-Doc (Southampton, England)

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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] Two Year Post-Doc (Southampton, England)

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      From: James Steele [mailto:T.J.M.Steele@...]
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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Two Year Post-Doc (Southampton, England)

      We will shortly be advertising a two year Postdoc post at
      the University of Southampton, England, with specifications
      as below. There is the potential for an extension after the
      two year fixed term.

      Please circulate these details as widely as possible. There
      are no restrictions on eligibility - we want the best
      person for the job.

      The post is associated with a new 'blue sky research'
      Centre for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour
      - see details at:


      I will be at the SAA in New Orleans, and will be very happy
      to arrange an informal meeting with anyone who might be
      interested in applying. Drop me an email in advance of
      the conference, if possible - it will make scheduling a
      time that little bit easier.

      James Steele


      Department: Archaeology
      Post Title: Post Doctoral Research Assistant
      Grade: 1A  pt 6
      Responsible to: Dr J. Steele (Archaeology) and Professor
      T.J. Sluckin (Maths)
      Responsible for: Research Duties
      Start date: September 2001

      Main Functions of the Job: To undertake project-based
      research in quantitative anthropology, consistent with the
      stated research objectives of the AHRB Centre for the
      Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour. This is a
      research position with registration jointly in the
      Departments of Archaeology and of Mathematics, funded by
      the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

      Main Tasks: (in order of priority)
      1. To examine the evolution in space of human gene
      frequencies and of cultural trait frequencies under
      different assumptions about transmission mechanisms in
      these systems, including the development and application of
      new simulation tools
      2. To analyze the demographic consequences of the spread of
      agriculture in prehistoric Europe, including the
      development and application of new simulation tools
      3. To examine quantitatively other aspects of the evolution
      of human cultural traditions
      4. To ensure the timely publication of results in
      high-impact specialist journals
      5. To participate actively in the research culture of the
      AHRB Centre, and to assist in the organization of its
      conferences and workshops

      Location of Job: Department of Archaeology, University of
      Southampton, Southampton, England.

      Contact Email for enquiries:
      Dr James Steele(Archaeology): tjms@...
      Professor Tim Sluckin (Maths): t.j.sluckin@...



      Postgraduate training in a subject with high relevant
      mathematical and quantitative content such as applied
      mathematics or computer science.

      Completed Ph.D.

      Research experience in quantitative biology
      and/or quantitative anthropology.

      Computer programming (preferably in C or Fortran).

      Familiarity with an algebraic package such as Mathematica
      or Maple.

      Solid record of timely scientific publication.


      Research degree in theoretical ecology or quantitative

      Training in applied statistics.

      Experience of productive collaboration in
      multi-disciplinary research groups.

      Experience in preparing scientific presentations for a
      multidisciplinary audience

      GIS: Experienced user

      James Steele, Ph.D.
      Department of Archaeology
      University of Southampton
      Southampton SO17 1BJ

      Email: tjms@...
      Telephone: (+44) (0)23 80594198
      Fax: (+44) (0)23 80593032

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