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FW: Next Week In Oaxaca/Need some advice

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    Forwarded with Mary s permission, sorry about duplication. AP ... From: Mary Pulford [mailto:m.pulford@lsc.mnscu.edu] Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2001 1:24 PM
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      FW: Next Week In Oaxaca/Need some advice

      Forwarded with Mary's permission, sorry about duplication.

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      Subject: Re: Next Week In Oaxaca/Need some advice

      Me again

      Something else I forgot to say is that you will want a day pack or a fanny back that's large enough to hold water bottles.

      We will all need to be drinking at least twice as much water as you normally do.  I actually consume about three times my normal intake of water.  You should be able to buy bottled water without a problem.  I only drink the bottled water that I myself purchase.  The restaurants will provide bottled water at meals if you ask for it.  Always check the seal.

      I also usally avoid eating chicken in Mexico as some parts of Mexico tend not to cook it as long as needed.  Seafood is usually pretty good and that is what I mostly eat.  Although I don't know how available it will be in Oaxaca.  Soups are usually pretty good as well.

      You might want to avoid eating lettuce salads.  Fruits are usually great.

      Try to get a little money in the Mexico City airport.  The exchange rate there is not the greatest but it will be enough for you to buy a meal if you have a long lay over.   Should be plenty of money exchanges in Oaxaca.  ATM machines might be sacrce.  But lots of places take VISA/MC.

      Leave your American Express card at home as a good number of merchants don't honor it.

      In the open markets you will need pesos.

      Also we usually tip the hotel maids $10 pesos a day or $1 US dollar.  Mexicans can exchange US paper money easily but not our coins.

      Take advantage ot the hotel safe if they have one.

      You will need either your passport or some form of ID to cash travelers checks.

      And finally take a good supply of pepto bismal.

      The airport in Mexico City is not air conditioned and can be quite warm and humid

      As far as what the gals need to  wear for dinner:  women usually wear a dress, skirt or dressy slacks for dinner.  Nothing fancy.  Summer dresses or just fine.  


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