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FW: New Book Announcement: Anthropology of Homelessness

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  • Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: New Book Announcement: Anthropology of Homelessness

      Members of the ANTHRO-L list may be interested in the following publication:
      The Anthropology of Homelessness
      By Irene Glasser and Rae Bridgeman

      As homelessness continues to plague North America and becomes more widespread
      in Europe, anthropologists turn their attention to solving the puzzle of why
      people in some of the most advanced technological societies in the world are
      found huddled in a subway tunnel, squatting in a vacant building, living in a
      shelter, or camping out in an abandoned field or on a beach. Anthropologists
      have a long tradition of working in poverty subcultures and have been able to
      contribute answers to some of the puzzles of homelessness through their
      ability to enter the culture of the homeless without some of the
      preconceptions of other disciplines.

      The authors, anthropologists from the U.S.A. and Canada, offer us an analysis
      of homelessness that is grounded in anthropological research in North America
      and throughout the world. Both have in-depth experience through working in
      communities of the homeless and present us with the results of their own work
      and with that of their colleagues.

      Patterns of Homelessness
      Explaining Homelessness
      Surviving the Streets
      Pathways Out of Homelessness
      Concluding Thoughts

      Irene Glasser has published widely on homelessness and is Professor of
      Anthropology at Easter Connecticut State University, specializing in urban,
      applied, and medical anthropology. Since 1994 she has also been Director of
      Canadian Studies. Rae Bridgeman is Research Associate in the Department of
      Social Anthropology at York University, Canada.

      If you would like further information on this title please contact:
      Berghahn Books, 3 Newtec Place, Magdalen Road, Oxford, OX4 1RE
      Berghahn Books, 55 John Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10038, USA

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