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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] (US) Folklife Field School 2001 [fwd]


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      [Forwarded by request. Details below. Hugh]

      "Stephanie A. Hall" wrote:
      >                   Folklife Field School 2001
      >  Documenting Local Culture:
      >  An Introductory Field School on "Disability and Community"
      >  June 9 - July 1, 2001
      >  Bloomington, Indiana
      >  Are you interested in learning how to:
      >         *       document the cultural resources of your community or
      > through the use of photography, sound recordings, ethnographic
      fieldwork and
      > other methods?
      >         *       preserve documentary materials for future generations?
      >         *       build community through the creation of exhibitions,
      > publications and other examinations and celebrations of local culture?
      > If you are, then you should apply to become a participant in an
      exciting and
      > intensive three-week field school called Documenting Local Culture,
      > sponsored by the Indiana University Folklore Institute, The Indiana
      > Institute on Disability and Community, and the American Folklife
      > (Library of Congress).
      >  Content
      > This three-week-long field school will be an immersion experience. It
      > offers hands-on training in professional techniques for cultural
      > documentation, including archiving, interviewing, still photography,
      > ethnographic writing, project planning, research ethics, computer
      > applications, and the development of community-building participation
      > programs. Trainers are experienced specialists, who will provide
      > workshops, discussions, curriculum materials, and supervised fieldwork
      > experiences.
      > "Disability and Community" will be the focus of the 2001 field school,
      > be held in Bloomington, Indiana. Field school participants will work
      > closely with local residents with and without disabilities to document
      > history and experience of disability in the community.  Their gathered
      > materials will be later used to launch a local "Museum of the Person,"
      > format that uses the web to present life stories of persons whose
      > often are submerged in official history and community planning.
      >  Who Should Apply?
      > The field school is designed for adults who have a strong interest in
      > cultural documentation, but little or no previous training or
      > in this area. Preference will be given to persons who are in a
      position to
      > utilize newly learned skills upon returning to their home communities.
      > School teachers, museum curators, local historians, leaders of
      > groups and foundations, librarians, community organizers and
      > and undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply. Persons
      > disabilities, professionals in the field of disabilities, and members
      > minority groups are especially urged to apply. Indiana residents will
      > given preference, but residents of other states are welcome to apply.
      >  Dates and Location
      > The field school will begin on Saturday, June 9, 2001, and conclude on
      > Sunday, July 1, 2001. Participants requiring housing will make
      > arrangements with Indiana University Residence Halls. Field
      > will focus on Bloomington and nearby communities.
      >  Cost, Housing, and Credit Options
      > Registration for the field school is $750 for the entire three-week
      > package. The package includes most meals, instruction, equipment, and
      > course materials. A non-refundable deposit of $375 will be required
      > acceptance; the balance will be due by May 11.
      > Fee scholarships will be granted according to need and available
      > Please specify need and required amount on the application form below.
      > Housing arrangements on the IU campus may include single rooms as well
      > apartments, which may be shared. Rate information not available at
      this time
      > but may range from $250 per person for Residence Halls rooms to $450
      > person for Shared Apartments. For current  rate and application
      > contact Inta Carpenter, address below.
      > Optional class credit hours available. Participants may sign up for
      1-3 IU
      > undergraduate or graduate credits, by registering for F404/804 or
      > E400/E600. Tuition costs as follows: Undergraduate Indiana residents
      > $121.80 per credit; non-residents, $168.60 per credit; Graduate
      > residents $404.90 per credit, non-residents $491.15 per credit.
      > Registration information for non-Indiana University students is
      > from Mitchell Byler, College of Arts and Sciences, IU,
      > <mailto:mbyler@...>.
      >  Application
      > An application form is attached to this announcement (below). A total
      > 15 participants will be selected from the pool of applicants. There is
      > application deadline, but application review will begin on March 15,
      > and continue until all spaces are filled.
      >  Questions?
      > For more information about the field school contact one of the
      > Dr. Inta Carpenter, Director Special Projects, Indiana University
      > Institute, 504 North Fess, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47408.
      > 855-8049, carpente@.... Dr. Philip B. Stafford, Director ,
      Center on
      > Aging and Community, 2853 East Tenth, Bloomington, IN, 47408-2696
      > 855-2163, staffor@....  Additional information can be provided
      > Dr. David A. Taylor, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress,
      > Washington, D.C. 20540-4610 (202) 707-1737, dtay@....
      >                         *****Application Form*****
      >         Documenting Local Culture: An Introductory Field School
      >         Disability and Community
      >         June 9 - July 1, 2001 Bloomington, Indiana
      > We encourage each applicant to seek support from your school,
      workplace, or
      > other source for field school fees. We will have limited funds for fee
      > reduction. If you wish to be considered for a fee scholarship, please
      > explain your need, including the amount required, in a separate
      > Send completed form to Dr. Inta Carpenter by email
      > or by regular mail to her at Indiana University Folklore Institute,
      504 N.
      > Fess, Bloomington, Indiana 47408.  Application review begins March 15,
      > 2001.
      > Please limit your response to the questions below to no more than two
      > pages. Send completed application to the address above. Application
      > begins March 15.
      >  Name:
      >  Address:
      >  Home phone:                                            Work phone:
      >  Email:                                                 Fax:
      >  Occupation:                                            Age:
      > 1. How could the training you receive help you in your work?
      > 2. Have you had previous training or experience with cultural
      > If you have, please describe it.
      > 3. Do you have any experience with or own any of the following
      > equipment? If you own any equipment, would you be willing to bring
      > it to the field school for your own use?  (Previous experience with
      > documentation equipment and the supplying of equipment are not
      > prerequisites for the course.) Please respond below:
      >  35mm camera
      >  _____________ level of experience        own        can bring
      >  Portable cassette tape recorder
      >   _____________ level of experience        own        can bring
      >  Laptop computer
      >   _____________ level of experience        own        can bring
      > 4. Request for fee scholarship (optional)>  If you would like to apply
      > a fee scholarship, please explain your need and specify the amount of
      > request.
      >                                         - END -
      > Posted by:
      > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      > Stephanie A. Hall, shal@...        Library of Congress
      > American Folklife Center               101 Independence Ave, SE
      > http://lcweb.loc.gov/folklife/         Washington, DC 20540-4610
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