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FW: AnthroGlobe Arising !

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      FW: AnthroGlobe Arising !

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      Subject: AnthroGlobe Arising !

      21 February 2001


      Submissions to ­The AnthroGlobe Journal

      We are pleased to announce that the AnthroGlobe Journal is now being re-born
      with the help of Eliot Lee (Managing Editor), Matthew Ciolek (Assistant
      Editor Bibliographies), and Hugh Jarvis (Consulting Editor). I will remain
      temporarily as Content Editor.

      A re-design of the Journal and its move to a new URL are presently under
      way. However, we can now start to solicit new submissions. They can consist
      of text only, text and images, text and voice, music and video.

      Material may be published in ANY practicable language.  Letters of
      submission and a brief summary must however be communicated at present in
      ANY OF English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.

      CONTENT falls into the following general categories. IN ALL CASES a
      descriptive letter of enquiry should precede submission. We try to keep
      technical requirements to the minimum, but some are distinctly necessary,
      especially with multi-media formats. Requirements are posted on the web

      Updateable specialist bibliographies should be submitted to Matthew Ciolek
      tmciolek@... <mailto:tmciolek@...>

      The following should be submitted to me at anthrop@...
      <mailto:anthrop@...> :

      Articles, which should address a proposition, with appropriate logic,
      structure and data.

      Reprints of earlier articles, especially those which are hard to obtain -
      suggestions always welcome.

      Material in draft, for collegial comment.

      Seminar or meeting material: results (NOT lists of participants and
      organization as such); papers for further discussion.

      Research Reports: short statements of original findings.

      Field Experiences: accounts of experiences and methods in the field.

      Technical Information: about research, data management and field equipment.
      Volunteered book and multi-media reviews, past and present. (Discussions of
      ancient and classical books welcome).

      (We are at present suspending the "Surf the Net" department pending further

      Copyright remains entirely with the creators, who are themselves responsible
      for its administration. We will forward copyright enquiries to the persons
      concerned. This is primarily to discourage publication in other formats for
      commercial or distributional purposes.

      Creators may amend, delete, or add to published material, subject to the
      Content Editor's general control. Length considerations are determined only
      by the practicality of uploading, storing, and relevance of the material.
      The Editor RESERVES THE RIGHT to move, archive, or delete material at any
      time, informing the creators of the actions.

      Come on, you guys, it's the 21st century........................

      Cyril Belshaw
      Content Editor, pro tem
      anthrop@... <mailto:anthrop@...>

      Eliot Lee
      Managing Editor
      aglobe@... <mailto:aglobe@...>

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