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FW: Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology

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      Subject: Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology

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      The Japanese Society of Ethnology is pleased to introduce the first
      issue of its occasional English language publication


      We hope that this publication will contribute to a better understanding
      of the work of Japanese anthropologists by their English speaking

      The REVIEW will introduce research by Japanese anthropologists according
      to topic or geographic area in the form of survey articles.

      The next issue is scheduled to be published in March 2000, and will
      contain articles on research conducted in the Korean Peninsula, mainland
      Southeast Asia, West Africa, and on gender.

      We look forward to a mutually beneficial exchange with colleagues.

      April 1999


      The Editor

      Price per copy is US$25.00.

      Order from:
      Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd.
      Book Export I Dept.
      P.O.Box 5030 Tokyo International
      Tokyo 100-3191, Japan
      Fax: 81-3-3292-0410
      E-mail: serials@...

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