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  • Lynch, Brian M
    May 1, 2014
      Sorry for the duplication of messages-- I thought it might be more appropriate with a title that didn't look like it was still "pre-conference"!!

      Thank you Ann and all for a wonderful conference! I was so happy to have the chance to connect this year-- distant travel to conferences can be prohibitive, and it was nice to have this one a not so long drive from RI/CT.

      The papers and events of the conference while diverse, also had a coherence to them that felt so much like the discipline itself. That sense-- of holism-- was a highlight and a reminder for me, in sharing questions, experiences, and new ideas with colleagues from across our five fields. Having the presentation from this year's winners of the student Academic Excellence Award (Katy Fulp and Chrysoula Georgiou) was likewise an important dimension of the whole experience, among other things giving us all a glimpse of new perspectives from these participants, and the creative work of their mentors.

      Thanks again to all for a wonderful conference.

      Have a great conclusion of yet another learning-semester!