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  • Mark Lewine
    Apr 28, 2014
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      The long trek from Ohio to Vermont and back is done and I have had time to review my experiences.  Yes, I had to miss events here and there for care-taking, but I must report that SACC-Fest and SACC leadership has never been better!  Ann Bragdon, thank you so much for stepping forward, planning and carrying out such a fully satisfying experience for all of us.  Yes, availability of money and full-time positions are scarce and our size is small, but the quality of our community of dedicated, focused and productive educators and leaders continues to amaze new observers.  I spoke to several young first-time participants and they were energized by their experiences and by the camaraderie and will be back.  New, young leaders have come forward to pick up the gavel and our future is shining!  We had many great presentations that demonstrated how anthropology is most effective for communities when it is practiced with informed applications of sound theoretical tools.  Jean (Jay) Schensul and other speakers and presenters erased my despair of current trends toward abandonment of outreach programs to low-income communities as they provided evidence of strong programs built with skill and commitment for communities in need. 
      This past two years I worked with Jay and others on the AAA Task Force for Anthropology Education as SACC representative and she represents many others now in AAA leadership who want to reach out to more diverse communities...this is my last year of a ten year commitment to this outreach work to encourage K-12 and community college anthropology outreach and I highly recommend the experience to others in SACC.  I have worked for the last ten years as SACC representative to various AAA task forces and committees on education and came away encouraged by how many respect the work we do in community colleges and want to help support growth in anthropology in them. Jay, like the many AAA Presidents and Executive members before her who have attended SACC Fest, came away impressed and stimulated by us and what we do.  Keep on, SACCers...we have a good thing going. 
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