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9259RE: [SACC-L] Chinese settled Peru?

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  • Sullivan, Tim
    Apr 16, 2014
      Gavin Menzies claimed authorship (there is some question as to whether he is the true author), of "1421: the Year China Discovered America," some years back. His work is loosely based on the fact that Zheng He, a Chinese Muslim explorer and seafarer led a huge fleet of ships of discovery through Southeast Asian seas and eventually made his way in the modern Indian Ocean, c. 1405 - 1434. His voyages, or at least the ships he commanded, did, in fact, make some contacts with both Arabian, Indian and some European traders. When he returned to China, there were a series of upheavals, China changed its policies about seafaring, preferring to focus on land conquest. Keep in mind, that Portugual, under Prince Henry, was just venturing out and coastal hopping down to the Azores, Madeira and to coastal Africa, at this time, so news of the Chinese accomplishments were pretty impressive.
      Menzie's book, (if indeed his) was based loosely on this information, and other circumstancail (flimsy) evidence suggesting Chinese/Asian influence in S. America. All of these suggest the bits and frags of 'evidence', combined with a large dose of fantasy, (all the ships logs and records of their contact and colonization of South America mysteriously burned!) backed by his career with the Royal Navy (my dissertation committee chair once quipped that Menzies "must have stayed down in a sub too long" and didn't adequately decompress when coming up!) and some great marketing, made the book a brief hot topic back in the late 1990s. Nothing more.
      See y'all at SACC Fest.

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      I think there was a map, of some age.... and the Book "1421" the Year China Discovered the New World - or something like that...
      Mike Pavlik

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      I have a student who is very well read who stated that there is very good evidence now that the Chinese settled in South America. I know this has been suggested in the past and, as I recall, was discounted.

      Is there new evidence I need to be aware of?



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