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9099Re: [SACC-L] Forward: Useful information on SCA's open access initiative with Cultural Anthropology

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  • Andrew Petto
    Feb 13, 2014
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      Thanks for sharing this, Ann.

      The good news is that there are now several accessible journal
      management systems out there. With desktop publishing software to do the
      technical bits of layouts (photos, graphs, etc), what SACC would need to
      do is to find the right fit for the editorial and publication side.

      I can second Tim's reaction to OJS as a journal management/publication
      system. It is trying to emulate the sort of JMS that you see in the BIG
      publishers .. Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, etc ... for publications on a
      much smaller scale or much smaller scope. On the other hand, OJS seems
      to have smaller, non-profit publishers in mind in the way that it is
      marketed and distributed.

      We have been using OJS for about 3 years, and it is okay, but has a lot
      of features that we do not use. The metadata are collected invisibly,
      but this depends in a large part on the authors' providing certain
      information with their submissions ... and since it does not REQUIRE
      that they do so, some of this falls on the editorial staff to complete.

      One nice thing about the system is that it allows real-time tracking and
      notification. Nothing gets lost because the various submissions,
      reviews, revisions, etc. all get posted to a series of linked pages.

      The benefit of OJS (besides doing a lot of this necessary stuff in the
      background) is that it will also provide "publication" support. Our
      journal turns out the material in PDF format that can be viewed on a
      browser or downloaded to a computer.

      If you want, you can see a recent issue (and archives) here:

      I have attached a couple of pages to show how this appears to the editor
      and to show some of the features that the system has.

      There is a pretty good summary of the whole smash here:

      I have also asked our managing editor and our chief IT guy to tell me a
      little about the comparative work that they did in coming to OJS as
      their first choice.


      On 2014-02-12 21:24, ANN BRAGDON wrote:
      > In case you have not seen this discussion (click on the link below).
      > This is useful for awareness of SACC publishing issues - to be
      > discussed/ considered in coming months.


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