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9028SACC Annual Report

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  • Sullivan, Tim
    Jan 4, 2014
      SACC Colleagues:
      First of all, a Happy New Year wish to all of you! I hope everyone has been able to get some rest, enjoy friends, family and loved ones, and generally recharge batteries over the winter break. My sincere best wishes and thoughts to all of you who may have suffered through problems with the severe weather we have experienced, especially in the northeast. Here in Texas, we have been pretty cold, but nothing like what you Yanks have had to endure!
      I have attached a draft of our SACC Annual Report for AAA, for all to see and comment prior to my sending submitting it. (It is due by January 31!) Please take a look and make suggestions, corrections, additions, deletions, etc.
      Two important points come immediately to mind that may require your valuable input: (1) I have left off one possible 'initiative' we may have included, that were raised at our Conference in Austin: a recommendation that we appoint two members to draft a SACC position paper regarding the use of MOOCs, and/or For Profit ventures in California to replace classes that were not offered due to budget short falls. I did make an appointment but have not seen or heard much on that. If we should revisit that, let me know. (2). There is a final section that might be included for suggestions we may wish to make to the AAA -- these are in four questions: 1. What issues would you like raised or recommendations would you like to make in the Section Assembly Executive Committee (SAEC)? 2. What issues would you like raised or recommendations you would like to make the AAA Executive Board? 3. What issues would you like raised or recommendations would you like to make to the AAA Staff? Please be specific. ( ** I would make a recommendation on the last point, but it is one already raised -- re the scheduling of paper sessions and/or events at the AAA Meetings that conflict with other meeting commitments. Ann and I both missed our own SACC Five Fields Update papers, because we were in the Section Assembly Meeting at the same scheduled time.) Anything else you can add?
      Thanks again, for the support and continued comradery over the years.

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