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9005Revised/Updated SACC Agenda

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  • Sullivan, Tim
    Nov 17, 2013
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      Here is the tentative, updated agenda for the Executive Board Meeting in Chicago. Thanks to everyone who offered input. You can see I moved the VP report on membership up, so we can discuss membership concerns early on. I also added a few bullets and names. I am still open to further additions and/or changes prior to our meeting, which won't be until Friday. I will simply make a few adjustments for the General Business Meeting, later that same day. The Executive Board Meeting is at 12:15- 2:15 pm, in Conference Room 5, and the SACC General Business Meeting is at 6:15 - 7:30 pm in Conference Room 5F , also on Friday. If anyone from the School Outreach Initiative wants to attend the Exec Bd Meeting and share, that would be great; otherwise, we can get that report in the General Business Meeting. I see some time for brew/brain storming and/or continued conversation in the time between meetings.
      By the way, my cell is 817-542-2106, in case anyone needs to get hold of me.
      Safe traveling,

      SACC Board Meeting
      AAA 2013 Conference,, Chicago, IL
      November 22, 2013 12:15- 2:15 pm
      Chicago Hilton Hotel, CONFERENCE ROOM 5A

      I. Approval of past minutes from SACC Board Meeting, April 10, 2013

      II. Call for New Business
      a. Membership Sustainability/Growth
      * VP Membership and Development Report
      Tad McIlwraith
      *SACC Notes, other ideas (Lloyd Miller)
      b. Update on School Outreach Program
      Prospects for future efforts?

      III. Board Reports
      a. President
      b. Past-President
      c. President Elect
      d. VP for Membership and Development
      (*See above)
      e. Treasurer Report

      IV. Old Business
      a. Two items revisited – SACC Historian? SACC property?
      b. SACC Student Awards Laura Gonzales

      V. New Business
      a. SACC Open Source Book Project – Update, Mission, etc.
      b. 2014 AAA Sessions (Needed by March)
      c. Next slate of Officers Nominations for President Elect; Secretary