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  • questioningadjunct
    Jul 24, 2013
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      It has been very inspiring to me to watch those of you continue the dialogue on the situation facing some adjuncts as we inch closer to the start of the Affordable Care Act's full roll-out/implementation. I wanted to let everyone know in my case, with the delay in enforcement from the government, I made the case that things did not need to happen for this fall. The college was ahead of me in discussing that same outcome and has since agreed. Classes were returned to those impacted, although it was told to the few of us that they still do not know for the long-term what the teaching limits will be for us.

      Although I am signing off the listserv under this name soon, I will remain on the listserv as a long-term member. Perhaps, in time, I will let more know my true identity. It is on my mind though, both how I wish I was allowed to talk about this and not fear what could happen so I could be more of an advocate for what needs to be in discussions, and also, if maybe I should let this be the last in a series of things to have me transitioning out of this career, even if I am quite close to a full-time possibility. Thank you all again for providing your experiences, thoughts, et cetera to me (and all of those on the listserv).
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