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8438Re: [SACC-L] SACC Question

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  • Tim Sullivan
    Feb 7, 2013
      I don't know where or with whom this should be placed. We don't actually have an official SACC historian, do we ? Perhaps we need to create that position or merge it with another. Any suggestions are appreciated here.....
      Timothy L. Sullivan, Ph.D.
      Professor of Anthropology
      Richland College
      12800 Abrams Rd.
      Dallas, TX 75243

      >>> "Gilliland, Mary" 02/07/13 5:36 PM >>>
      I have a disc of information about SACC from some time ago. Someone passed it to me to "curate" when I was Secretary (possibly Tony or Dianne - I really can't remember now), and I have been meaning to pass it along. Not nearly so exciting as the fishing net, I'm afraid, but still part of SACC history, and I would like to pass it to the appropriate person. Advice? Thanks.

      I may not make it to SACC meetings this spring, but can send it along. If it actually goes to the Secretary, then perhaps Nikki should be the recipient?

      Thanks and best to all.

      Mary Kay Gilliland
      Pima Community College,
      Tucson, AZ 85709-0215

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