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7425RE: [SACC-L] SACC name change

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  • Lewine, Mark
    Aug 2, 2011
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      Diane, as usual is absolutely on target with the other forces affecting membership, however, the fact remains that the greatest loss of SACC in my view, will be the loss of a national department, a family of isolated one-professor departments with added adjuncts that needed a collegial support group. Now all small departments are being crushed by the political economy of education in states and the lack of a sane federal government.


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      SACC and AAA are not the only groups coping with dwindling membership.
      I am a member of a regional organization that is almost to the point
      where it's only the "old folks" who continue membership. I think that
      this is due partly to lack of funding for travel, lack of individuals'
      abilities to pay own their own, more information readily available
      virtually, more time demands made on faculty with increasing course
      loads due to budget cuts (at least at my school), more emphasis on
      faculty development concentrated on technology rather than content (my
      school), etc. I have even talked to a couple of faculty members at
      four-year schools who have been told that presenting at conferences does
      not count toward tenure. Attending conferences is even less worthwhile.

      I'm not sure whether a name change will counteract the issues listed
      above. It may be worth a try, though.

      Dianne (getting ready for a webinar) Chidester

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      Subject: [SACC-L] SACC name change

      Hello all,

      I just want to throw my opinion into the discussion about a potential
      name change for SACC.

      I am 100% for it; for all the reasons outlined. by Laura. It is time.



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