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  • Laura Gonzalez
    Dec 1, 2009
      It'll almost be like I'm there! Plus snarky Muckle commentary. I think it
      will actually be better than being there.

      Will miss you all - have fun. Don't eat any good food though, because then
      I'll be jealous. All mediocre food, got it?


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      Hello, all!

      Am envious of those who will be at the annual meetings!

      Meanwhile, Bob tells me that there is a "hash tag" you can use if you
      are tweeting from the meetings. For those using Twitter if you put
      #SACC_L at the end of your SACC relevant tweets they'll show up in the
      Twitter widget in our Blog in live time (pretty much live time). As
      well, if you have meeting specific comments, the hash tag to add to your
      tweets is #AAA09 ... and if you add both tags.... That could be good
      too! I'll be sure to put a widget in our SACC-L blog that will display
      both sets of tweets.

      Enjoy the meetings!!


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      Bob, you've made Laura very happy.

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      Subject: [SACC-L] AAA twitter

      For those interested in this kind of thing, I will be tweeting on
      Twitter from the AAA meetings, about the AAA meetings. I think.

      You do not have to join Twitter to see what I have to say.

      http://twitter. <http://twitter.com/bobmuckle> com/bobmuckle




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