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  • Philip Stein
    Oct 1, 2009
      I admit to being very skeptical about the Flores Island find at first, but it is looking better as time goes on. My main reason for writing the paper for the SACC conference was to explore how new fossils are presented in the mass media, which makes for a very sad story.
      The latest article in Science is quite different. We've know about the existence of this skeleton for a very long time. I find it very refreshing that Tim White and others painstakingly spent 17 years putting this together. The Science article has not been posted on their website yet, but it appears from other reports that their conclusions are quite reasonable. I hope that we will be spared the rediculous media circus that accompanied "The Hobbit" and the more recent "Ida."

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      Didn't our own Phil Stein question the Homo floresiensis way back at the

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      The media is going ga ga over the new reports on Ardipithecus;
      apparently a series of articles published in a special issue of Science,
      released to the press today. For those doing the Twitter thing....the
      hashtag is #ardi. Science journalists are among the first to be tweeting
      and providing links to articles.

      It makes a great week for a week in the world of palaeoanthropology. In
      case you missed it, re-evaluation of the Homo floresiensis bones (more
      popularly known as the hobbits) is causing some to place them as not
      being Homo at all, but ancestral to Homo.


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