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  • Bagwell, George
    May 25 9:32 AM
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      Hi Jarrett,

      Here is the language that appears in my Cultural Anthro distance
      learning syllabi regarding the new "Cultural Anthropology: Our Diverse
      World" video series from Coast Learning Systems that has replaced "Faces
      of Culture":

      VIDEO INFORMATION - options

      1. The 17 half-hour programs on DVDs are available for checkout free of
      charge at any CMC campus.

      2. You may obtain your own personal set of DVDs, streaming media
      access, or video downloads for a rental fee from ACT, Inc. Contact ACT
      at (800) 745-5480 or http://www.actmedia.org .

      3. The videos for this teleweb course may be purchased on DVD directly
      from Coast Learning Systems for $20 (plus $10 shipping). The order form
      for Coast can be found at this link,
      Note that the form requires enrollment confirmation from the college.

      Students at a distance attend any of ten college campuses and a few more
      community libraries over a 12,000-square mile service area at which they
      may check out the videos. But many students prefer the convenience of
      renting or purchasing, which also may be less expensive than the cost of
      driving back and forth to campus.

      Hope this helps.

      George Bagwell, Prof.
      Colorado Mountain College

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      Subject: [SACC-L] Re: Distance Learning Class

      Thanks to all that replied - each response has been helpful.

      George - I have used some of the Faces of Culture videos in my lecture
      course, and I am very glad to hear a replacement is available. I will
      have to write you personally and see which you prefer. I also am glad
      that since you use them for your DL class they are available in the
      streaming format. I recently requested several new films to update our
      library, but they needed to be in streaming - 1 of the 12 was available
      in that format.

      Pam - I have found and used many of the Anthro sites you mentioned. But
      I really enjoyed reading your creative solutions. I do talk about the
      military when discussioning rites passage, but had not thought to look
      up on youtube the military. That does open the door quite a bit. Thanks
      for sharing.

      Anj - I will contact Alan - we have a great go to DL person too, but she
      isn't an Anthropologist. I will contact him this week. I really
      appreciate you sending this along - I know he will be helpful.

      Thanks again to each of you.

      Jarrett Phipps
      Tallahassee Community College
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