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  • Lori Barkley
    Feb 3, 2009
      Hi Ann,
      I'd like to be on your list please. lbarkley@...

      Lori Barkley
      Anthropology Instructor
      School of University Arts & Sciences
      Selkirk College
      301 Frank Beinder Way,
      Box 1200 Castlegar, BC V1N 3J1
      ph. 250-365-1319
      email: lbarkley@...

      >>> "Kaupp, Ann" <kauppa@...> 01/27/09 6:42 am >>>
      Lloyd, thank you for the information about the articles.

      Regarding Darwin, the latest issue of AnthroNotes (attached) leads with
      an article "An Evolving Genius: The Extraordinary Early Life of Charles
      Darwin" by Doug Schwartz, a piece by Sarah Hrdy on "Darwinism, Social
      Darwinism, and the 'Supreme Function' of Mothers, and "Obama and
      Anthropology" by James Peacock (former AAA president). The issue also
      contains a list of human evolution websites and information on the
      Museum of Natural History's upcoming exhibits, Written in Bone, and
      Since Darwin.

      If you would like to get on our new AnthroNotes email list, send your
      name, mailing address and email address to me at kauppa@....



      From: Lloyd Miller [mailto:lloyd.miller@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 12:14 AM
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      Kaupp, Ann; Becky Stein-Frankle (w); Diane Wilhelm; Ann Popplestone;
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      Shepherd; Bob Muckle
      Subject: interesting articles

      Hi all,

      Read a couple of interesting articles at the public library today. In
      THE NATION (Jan 26), a review of four books that discuss such issues as
      who should own a nation's antiquities--its museums irrespective of their
      funding and security systems, the big well-funded museums, private
      investors--and what are the ethics of knowingly selling and buying
      stolen artifacts.

      Also, the Feb 09 issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has two special articles
      honoring the Darwin Bicentennial: "Darwin's First Clues" and "The Modern
      Darwins." These document the steps in Darwin's development of the idea
      of natural selection while on the voyage of HMS Beagle, and integrate
      them with subsequent developments in evolution theory. One of the
      clearest explanations I've read of how natural selection (as Darwin
      understood it), Mendelian genetics, punctuated equilibrium, DNA and the
      genome and gene mapping--each in its own time--contributed to the
      formation and (forgive me) "evolution" of evolution theory. I think
      it's a must read for anthropology students. The second article provides
      good contemporary examples of evolution in action that should give
      serious pause to those who say, "Evolution's just a theory," and "You
      can't see it happen."


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