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4258RE: [SACC-L] Please Suggest a Primatology Documentary

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  • Laura Gonzalez
    Jan 2, 2008
      Hi Jason,

      I use Life in the Trees, a film hosted by David Attenborough. It is an older
      film, but not out of date, and a good general survey of primates. It covers
      prosimians, New World, Old World and apes. It is funny at times, and
      students seem to enjoy it.

      I also show The New Chimpanzees, a wonderful National Geographic film that
      is funny, dramatic and moving. It's more up to date than the first film, but
      only deals with chimps and has a short segment on bonobos. There is great
      footage of the 1974 chimp war at Gombe and Richard Wrangham eating ants
      (badly, as blood is dripping down his chin while he smiles and chats about
      this and that). I highly recommend it.


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      First of all, Happy New Year to everybody!

      I am interested in requesting my library purchase a primatology related
      documentary that I can show in my Introductory Anthropology course. I am
      currently using the Haviland, et. al Essence of Anthropology text. I am
      looking for something that is up-to-date, comprehensive, interesting, at
      about an hour's length and suitable for an introductory class.

      I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.



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