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4240SACC business meeting & update

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  • Kaupp, Ann
    Dec 13, 2007
      Dear SACC Members,

      It would be great if someone is interested in putting together a session
      on race at the SACC annual meeting in D.C. so that we can designate it
      "in honor of Len Lieberman." Here is the SACC website with the Call for
      Papers. http://webs.anokaramsey.edu/sacc/SACCFest2008/

      We had a productive SACC business meeting at the AAA meeting in D.C.
      Mary Gilliland and Maren Wilson offered to be co-presidents next year
      while Patricia Hamlin will take over Mary's secretary position for one
      year. Dennis Kellogg has agreed to be president for 2010 and George and
      Jo Raines Rodgers I think will be co-chairs in 2011. We are grateful
      that Laura Gonzales has taken over membership and doing such a fine,
      conscientious job. Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work over the
      years to increase membership and for your passion for education, this
      society, and its members.

      We applaud Rob Edwards for his very successful meeting in Monterey and
      for handling his role as president with such aplomb. Rob and his wife
      Julie also put together information for future presidents on organizing
      a meeting and what they learned from the experience. Dianne Chidester
      and Mel Johnson were helpful to Rob in putting this document together.
      Rob, can you send this to me on email and I will send it on to recent
      past presidents for their input as you suggested.

      Mary will have the minutes available soon as I know I have left out much
      information. If anyone else would like to run for president in 2009,
      please let me know as we will be putting together a ballot this spring.

      We have a great team and I look forward to serving you as president the
      coming year. Ann Kaupp


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