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  • Lynch, Brian M
    Aug 1, 2007
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      I just had a conversation with my son (26 yrs old) about Facebook, MySpace, Flickr (Web 2.0 stuff in general). We were noting how, in many places (news commentaries, school meetings, parent conversations etc.) when these are discussed it is in terms of their risks and dangers. So for example, if in their classes our students hear about MySpace, it is in terms like: "Be careful! Future employers can use things you post to judge you.." rather than creative explorations about how such environments and tools can be or are being used in social communication (personal and professional, text and multi-media).

      We are in the midst of an interesting culture change, and the "adult world" isn't quite sure of what to make of it. When I think of this it brings to mind possible conversations during the era when people were first beginning to explore the oceans beyond their initial home ports. "There are sea serpants out there!!"

      I would encourage the curious to visit NING (www.ning.com) and myspace and facebook etc. and step inside if you haven't. (A bit of "particpant observation"? ...suspension of judgement... practice of cultural relativism...)

      ning has a "community" called classroom 2.0, another called school 2.0, and one that I have been involved in before it was an ning community, called the "World Association for Online Education." You can even create your own space ("community") and explore inside it. Good stuff...



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      Ironically, today I received a message from a former student requesting to add me to her Facebook page. That's a first-time experience for me. I shall have to investigate. I know very little about these sites except that they can pose privacy risks to the kids.

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