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4029RE: SPAM: Re: [SACC-L] Facebook, MySpace, and social class

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    Aug 1, 2007
      One of our Deans asked me to look at the link below and see if I can do
      something similar here. I've been having students do ethnographic
      observations on e-mail lists and chat rooms and other text-based
      e-communities for a few years now. Check it out, it is a neat project.


      You Tube is more anarchic and caters more heavily to the musical folks

      Face book is a bit more structured in that there are groups and forums
      that can be set up. It also requires that folks use their
      College/University or workplace e-mail addresses. This puts in a
      built-in mechanism for discouraging spam, stalking etc. Your boss will
      hear from the site administrators if you are misbehaving with the
      company/institution e-mail server. This is probably where the class
      bias in the original link comes from, if it is actually there.

      I agree that "unscientific" is probably actually qualitative, but I
      would hope that there is some quantitative analysis going into the
      description of a class bias in these groups. The equipment is
      relatively cheap and available in a lot of library and school labs.
      These sites have a large number of subscribers and a wide range of
      variation. I'm not denying that there is a class bias, but I would be
      reluctant to trust a gut impression even when looking at the folks who
      post let alone those who lurk.

      Ann Popplestone AAB, BA, MA

      CCC Metro TLC




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      Ironically, today I received a message from a former student requesting
      to add me to her Facebook page. That's a first-time experience for me. I
      shall have to investigate. I know very little about these sites except
      that they can pose privacy risks to the kids.

      Deborah J. Shepherd, Ph.D.
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      Well, the first thing that springs to mind is qualitative vs
      Mike Pavlik

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