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3689Re: RE: [SACC-L] Dec. 1 Southern California SACC Get-Together

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  • Mark Lewine
    Dec 4, 2006
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      Sydney, welcome to SACC! You definitely have the perspective we are looking for as many of us are retiring soon. I am the SACC VP for Membership and for Regional Networks...I would like to help you set up a network in your area. We can email off the list for a while, but I really want to talk directly with you at our next SACC fest meeting in April. I will be sending out a flyer on that with Rob Edwards, our Pres.elect who is putting together that meeting.
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      Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 10:35 AM
      Subject: Re: RE: [SACC-L] Dec. 1 Southern California SACC Get-Together

      I didn't know there was a list! I'm Sydney Hart. I teach sociology and
      anthropology at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago. This is my first
      semester being full-time at Wright; before that, I taught only in
      Sociology at Northeastern Illinois University. Here's my Anthro
      credentials: MA in Anthro from UIC (before they had a PhD program) and
      six years in exhibit development at Field Museum. Plus my (almost
      finished!) dissertation in Sociology is about racial/ethnic/religious
      identity and material culture of the home; James Clifford (of Writing
      Culture infamy) is on my committee. So, is there a list of us
      community college Anthro folks in the Chicago area? Mike Pavlik (at
      Joliet Community College) has e-mailed me, and now you. I really would
      love to get together and talk about what we're doing and create a
      social and intellectual support network! I'll also try to get the
      amazing, dynamic new Anthro. instructor at Kennedy-King college

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      From: "Johnson, Ellen C. K." <Johnson@...>
      Date: Monday, December 4, 2006 8:19 am
      Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Dec. 1 Southern California SACC Get-Together
      > Sydney who? Where do you teach? You're not on my list.
      > Ellen Johnson
      > College of DuPage
      > Johnson@...
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      > I hope that Linda feels better. But I'm also jealous that so many
      > SACC
      > people live in California! I wanna have a party, too! Anyone in
      > the
      > Chicago area besides me?
      > --Sydney
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      > From: ke19nt52 <km@... <mailto:km%40dslextreme.com> >
      > Date: Friday, December 1, 2006 5:52 pm
      > Subject: [SACC-L] Dec. 1 Southern California SACC Get-Together
      > > Very sorry for the late notice, but the SACC party that was
      > > scheduled
      > > tonight at Linda Light's beach house has to be postponed until
      > > further
      > > notice due to the fact that Linda is very sick. She courageously
      > > waited until the last minute to inform me in the hope that she
      > > would
      > > feel better but such was not going to be the case, and it took
      > me
      > > up
      > > until now to post this message because I have been extremely
      > busy
      > > and
      > > have had COMPUTER PROBLEMS!!! If anyone who was planning to go
      > > would
      > > still like to meet at Chimayo's Restaurant on the surf in
      > > Huntington
      > > Beach or some other location please call me at (714)528-
      > > 5468...Again,
      > > sorry for the late notice and any inconvenience...Linda has
      > > indicated
      > > that she would still like to host the next get-together so
      > please
      > > stay
      > > tuned for the new potluck date...Everybody have a great
      > > weekend!!!...Kent Morris
      > >
      > >
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