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3068Who is Scott A. Lucas?

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  • Barry Kass
    Oct 3, 2005
      Hi friends and colleagues,
      I was glancing at the latest issue of Anthropology News ( Oct/05 ),
      and on page 29 found the headline "Robbins and Lukas Awarded for their
      Teaching". Scott Lukas is chair of the anthropology and sociology
      programs at Lake Tahoe Community College in California, and certainly
      has an impressive list of accomplishments. My question--is he now, or
      has he ever been a member of SACC? Am I just not remembering who he is
      ( after all, I'm almost 60 ). If he has never been a member of SACC,
      that is unfortunate, and I would like to ask him, "What the hell is
      wrong with you? Why haven't you joined our excellent organization"?
      All for now,