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272Re: The Chart

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  • George Bagwell
    Oct 1, 1999
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      Mr. Higgins,

      Your project is an interesting one. Would like to see what you come up with. The whole debate reminds
      me of Richard Leakey's comment that "fence sitters" need to get off the fence. Perhaps the folks at
      "Free Inquiry" magazine have some research data that may help with your project. They can be found at

      George Bagwell
      Steamboat Springs, CO

      peachee@... wrote:

      > From: peachee@...
      > Ms. Raetz:
      > When the chart is complete, I'll put a note on list to that effect and will e-
      > mail it to people who'd like a copy. However be warned that this chart will
      > probably not be complete for a LONG time. (I only have two slots filled as
      > of today.)
      > Simply,
      > Matthew Higgins
      > > Be sure to check out the SACC web page at www.ccanthro.org for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.
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