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2396educational materials Needed for SACC Website

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  • Ann Kaupp
    Feb 2, 2004
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      To: SACC Members

      From: The Web Committee

      SACC is committed to making the SACC web site a resource for precollege teachers. This cannot happen without SACC members' input. Members' suggestions for online materials have included syllabi, lesson plans, homework assignments, class activities, projects, and resources.

      Given the considerable time constraints that teachers face, please consider submitting your best teaching activities or lesson plans that do not require a great deal of preparation time and that are not too complex. Please include the following information:
      1) Appropriate subjects
      2) Grade level
      3) Teacher preparation time
      4) Activity time
      5) Required materials or resources
      6) Objectives or learning outcomes

      With the annual meeting coming up, it would be great to have some activities in hand to present to the Board. This project is also an opportunity for SACC members to share their teaching strategies and resources with one another. Send your materials to kaupp.ann@...

      We look forward receiving to your contributions.

      Ann Kaupp, Head
      Anthropology Outreach Office
      Smithsonian Institution
      PO Box 37012
      NMNH, Room 363, MRC 112
      Washington, DC 20013-7012
      (202) 357-1592