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  • Barry D Kass
    Sep 6, 1999
      Hi Beverly,
      I used the Heider book for a couple of semesters and didn't care for it
      very much. I thought the text was too idiosyncratic ( the chapter on
      cultural symbols was placed toward the end of the text, instead of during
      the initial discussions of the culture concept, where I thought it should
      be ), and, while some of the video clips were interesting and useful, many
      of them were not ( my students especially disliked the one on Dani
      children's games ). Just my opinion.
      Barry Kass
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      From: Beverly Bennett <bbennett@...>
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      Date: Saturday, September 04, 1999 10:46 PM
      Subject: RE: [SACC-L] Question

      >From: Beverly Bennett <bbennett@...>
      >I've found the Millennium series by David Maybury-Lewis quite useful. It
      >uses quite a different set of perspectives for viewing many different
      >cultures, demonstrating the value of "tribal wisdom" for all of us.
      >Another, very different possibility, and one I'm considering using for my
      >next intro course, is Heider's book Seeing Anthropology, which comes with 2
      >videos that the students receive. These include about 20 segments from
      >films, around 6-9 minutes each. I haven't finished reviewing it but have
      >liked it so far.
      >Beverly Bennett
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