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CFP 2015 AAA: Mentoring Undergrad Research

Call For Papers: 2015 AAA Meetings in Denver Panel Title: Mentoring Undergraduate Research: The Challenges and Rewards of Helping Students to Make the Familiar
Angela Jenks
Mar 24

Re: Seeking Presenters for "I Love It When You"

Okay, and do not feel like you have to say yes, but do you think the cross generational thing I did in Kona would be appropriate? Mel Melvin Arthur Johnson,
Melvin Johnson
Mar 17

Seeking Presenters for "I Love It When You"

Greetings Everyone, I have been asked to serve as Session Organizer for SACC's popular session "I Love It When You" at the AAA Annual Meeting in November. This
Nikki Gorrell
Mar 17

Re: Ethnography on Mexico or Maxican-Americans

Hello, I just started using Seth Holmes' Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States . I don't know if this is book will cover the
Jarrett Phipps
Mar 14

Re: Ethnography on Mexico or Maxican-Americans

I haven't read it yet, but there's a citation: Gomberg-Munoz, Ruth. 2011. Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Network. Oxford University
Sydney Hart
Mar 14

Ethnography on Mexico or Maxican-Americans

Greetings SACC-ers! My Honors section of Cultural Anthropology does a service project at a local Community Center that is predominantly Mexican-American and
Lynn O'Brien
Mar 14

Re: Follow-up on my presentation

I found the replies interesting as well. It strikes me that we can't possibly expect to educate good problem solvers if we keep demanding that schools prepare
Deborah Shepherd
Mar 11

Follow-up on my presentation

The link below is an interesting assessment of US Millennials which I though some of you may find interesting.
Johnson, Melvin
Mar 11

Re: Best Practices

It is also really important when people write about 'best practices' that they are able to say how they know the practices were (a) effective and (b) better
Andrew Petto
Mar 5

Re: Best Practices

Hi, I was thinking of generating an article on effective practices used in our anthropology classes- ideas that have led to greater student success. They
Barbara Jones
Mar 5

Re: Best Practices

Barbara, Sounds like a great article. Can you give us a bit more direction? Are you interested in activities that engage students, or more meta stuff? What's
Laura Gonzalez
Mar 5

SACC Fest 2015 T-shirts Available!

Aloha SACC!SACC Fest 2015 T-shirts are now available and will be sold, while supplies last, at SACC FEST 2015 conference activities. T-shirts are just $15
Beasley, AnnMarie M.
Mar 5

Long and intense: Higher Education and the Promise of Insurgent Publ

Read the Article http://truth-out.org/news/item/29396-higher-education-and-the-promise-of-insurgent-public-memory Higher Education and the Promise of
Mar 4

Best Practices

HI, I would like to write an article for SACC Section News on the 'Best Practices' people currently use in their classrooms. If you have any suggestions you
Barbara Jones
Mar 4

Re: SACC presenters get coverage!

What about split Dona and I up was not college, or marriage, or living in two different parts of the country...but writing together!!!! On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at
Dorothy Davis
Mar 3
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