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Activities on power relations

Hi SACCers, It was so great to see those of you who came to the Denver conference! As usual, my head is spinning with inspiration and ideas. One thing I am
Laura Gonzalez
Nov 23

Fwd: what food anthropology is reading

... From: David Beriss To: SAFN Sent: Sun, Nov 15, 2015 3:17 pm Subject: what food anthropology is reading
Nov 17

{Verified} [SACC-L] Re: Suggestions for Ethnographies?

Robinson, Angela (2005) Ta'n Teli-ktlamsitasit (Ways of Believing): Mi'kmaw Religion in Eskasoni, Nova Scotia. I've been using it for a few years in a course
Lori Barkley
Nov 16

Re: Suggestions for Ethnographies?

For environmental, you might have a look at Made in Madagascar by Andrew Walsh. It's a very small ethnography about the tensions between mining for sapphires
Sydney Hart
Nov 15

Re: Suggestions for Ethnographies?

Some environmental history and case studies "Cod" by Mark Kurlksy "Four Fish" by... Changes in the Land by Wm Cronon "Waste and Want" by Susan Strasser
Nov 14

Re: Suggestions for Ethnographies?

environmental anth- " Instituting Nature" by Matthews "Swamplife" by Laura Ogden "How Forests Think" By Kohn "Conservation is our Government Now" by Paige West
Nov 14

A List of ethnographies - especially for anthro of religion

I would also add to this list '" More than a Living" by Mike Leiber Be sure you scroll all the way down- I have a list of 28 or so ethnographies I started a
Nov 13

Re: Suggestions for Ethnographies?

For Anthropology of Religion I alternate between:Anne Fadiman, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall DownKaren McCarthy Brown, Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in
Philip Stein
Nov 13

Suggestions for Ethnographies?

Greetings SACCers, I am developing two new Sophomore level course. One on the Anthropology of Religion and the other on Environmental Anthropology. I welcome
Lynn O'Brien
Nov 13

AAA Meeting in Denver- the fun starts Nov 18th!

Hi all- I hope to see many of you next week at the AAA meetings. We have a fantastic lineup of meetings and panels hosted by SACC. Here are the SACC sponsored
Paskey, Amanda
Nov 9

Re: Fwd: UWM's Field Notes: A Journal of Collegiate Anthropology Vol

Thanks for sharing this Anj. I don't have any student papers that qualify right now, but we might by late spring or next fall. Tim Tim Sullivan, Ph.D.
Sullivan, Tim
Nov 5

Fwd: UWM's Field Notes: A Journal of Collegiate Anthropology Vol. 8,

In case some of you have not seen this note. ... Subject: UWM's Field Notes: A Journal of Collegiate Anthropology Vol. 8, NOW ACCEPTING PAPER SUBMISSIONS
Andrew Petto
Nov 4

My papers on the Indo-Europeanization of the world

In case you haven't chanced to read my papers, here they are Sujay Rao Mandavilli - Publications
Oct 29

Looking for Bio. Anthro adjunct

Dear SACC list: Wright College has an opening for someone to teach one section of Biological Anthropology on Friday mornings. If you're interested, please send
Sydney Hart
Oct 27

Re: SACC gathering and book launch party - Denver AAA

Barry, As a matter of fact, it has LOTS of WONDERFUL photos from a GREAT website called imagesofanthropology.com , which just
Laura Gonzalez
Oct 24
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