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Re: Records committee question

Yes. Earned runs were frequently charged to pitchers who let inherited runners score during the Deadball Era. As a matter of fact, Walter Johnson's 16-game
May 5

Re: Records committee question

Interesting question. I took a look at Tom Heitz's essay, "Rules and Scoring," in the first edition of Total Baseball. Here is the applicable scoring rule
Steven Gietschier
May 4

Records committee question

Can anyone help with this question from committee member Chris Rainey. ... 1913 was the first year ERA was an official stat in the AL, but something seems
Lyle Spatz
May 4

Re: home games

There is a difference between statistics at a ballpark and statistics in “home” games. There have been games played at neutral sites in recent years and
David Vincent
Apr 29

home games

A little help, please. I am still unclear on the record-rules for home games played on the road. For example, if Adam Jones homers in each game at Tampa and
Lyle Spatz
Apr 29

Re: Two steals on one play

Not sure where I was on 11/1/2009--but obviously I wasn't watching the 9th inning of the NYY/PHI World Series game when Damon stole 2 bases at once! I imagine
Aug 11, 2014

Re: Two steals on one play

I know that we tend to keep postseason records separate, but let's not forget Johnny Damon in Game 4 of the 2009 World Series, ninth inning. Pete Ridges
Pete Ridges
Aug 11, 2014

Two steals on one play

Dustin Pedroia was awarded 2 stolen bases on one play on 8/9/14. Here are the instances of that happening that I'm aware of, although there are almost
Aug 10, 2014

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Apr 21, 2014

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Apr 12, 2014

Re: phantom players

Thanks to Mac, David, and Fred, I think we now have that straight. Sharman was not ejected. Lyle From: SABR_Records@yahoogroups.com
Lyle Spatz
Oct 2, 2013

Re: phantom players

There was discussion of this several years ago on SABR-L. My recollection is that Sharman was among a large group of players sent out of the dugout because
Oct 2, 2013

Re: phantom players

For the record, Bill Sharman is not listed in the ejections database started by Doug Pappas and maintained by me. This was not an ejection, just another urban
David Vincent
Oct 2, 2013

Re: phantom players

Mac is correct. Sharman could have been used. Wayne Terwilliger was as a pinch hitter for Rube Walker in the ninth. Lyle From: SABR_Records@yahoogroups.com
Lyle Spatz
Oct 1, 2013

Re: phantom players

There are also numerous players who were military veterans and spent the entire season on the roster without counting against roster limits. Dick Williams is
Oct 1, 2013
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