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All India Anti-Nuclear Power Convention -10 Aug 2011, New Delhi

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  • Harsh Kapoor
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      An Appeal to Join the All India Anti-Nuclear Power Convention


      Dear friends and comrades,

      The seriousness of the meltdown at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan following the earth quake and tsunami, however hard the corporate media and the nuclear establishment is trying to play it down, is becoming common knowledge day by day. After Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, it has exposed the catastrophic nature of nuclear power plants at the present level of nuclear technology and problems related to nuclear waste disposal. In spite of this, the government is going ahead with the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power plant, even when the people of the whole region, especially the farmers who are displaced and the fisher people are waging relentless struggles against it. Besides, new nuclear plants are proposed in AP, MP, W.Bengal, UP, Haryana and Rajasthan besides expanding existing plants. New mines are planned in AP and Karnataka. Wherever new plants are proposed the peasantry and people are in revolt against them, opposing their displacement. While it is a serious problem, apart from displacement, the danger posed by the proposed nuclear power plants and the existing nuclear plants is a matter of great importance which should be taken up at national level in the context of the international campaign developing against the threat of nuclear catastrophe.

      On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster on 26thApril an International Anti-Nuclear Day was observed with the following three slogans: 1. Stop construction of all new nuclear power plants; 2. Shut down all existing nuclear power plants; and 3. Implement universal nuclear disarmament. In countries like Germany a number of existing plants are being closed down and the remaining are also in the process of being closed down. Internationally the campaign is gaining strength with none of the so-called developed countries taking up construction of any new nuclear plants. At the same time they are trying to export their outdated nuclear power plants to countries like India.

      In this situation, it is a matter of paramount importance for all the progressive forces concerned with the future of humanity to get together and to wage a relentless campaign to be followed by a countrywide struggle to force the government to implement the above three slogans, developing the present struggles going on at all places where new nuclear plants are proposed to resist the displacement from their agricultural land to a comprehensive struggle against the very concept of going for nuclear energy at the present level of development of the nuclear technology. Such a campaign should take up the question of the security of the existing nuclear power plants and the question of universal nuclear disarmament also.

      Many initiatives have already been taken for co-ordinating the movements against the various nuclear plants coming up all over India. NAAM and the Anti-Nuclear Struggle’s Solidarity Forum and others can be cited as examples of such initiatives. However, in the context of the recent international movement against nuclear power per se and in the context of the growing consciousness in our country also, there is a need to renew our efforts on the basis of the above three slogans.

      On 9th August the Janhit Sewa Samithi and Machimar Krithi Samithi, which are spearheading the anti-Jaitapur Movement with Konkan Bachao Samithi are organizing a Parliament March to oppose the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power plant. At the same time, an All India Anti-Nuclear Power Convention is being organized at New Delhi on 10th August, to help the coordination of the struggles going on against the proposed nuclear plants and to develop the movement to address the above three central slogans. The convention will be held in the Speaker’s Hall in the Constitution Club from 10:30 am to 4: 30 pm on that day. We shall endeavour, in a democratic manner, to form a committee at the All India level which can help to exchange information of these movements, to build a bank of material to help these movements and to maintain contacts at the international level with similar movements. Of course, all questions will be open for debate in the convention, including the wording of the central slogans which we accept as an orientation. We request you to depute your representatives to participate in this convention.

      Sanjay Singhvi

      Reception Committee, All India Anti-Nuclear Convention
      Contact email : xsanjayx@... Mobile: 09869047758


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