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Freethought Day!

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  • zazie_06
    (copying the announcement I received, in case some of the members here don t have this information) Sacramento s annual Freethought Day festival is coming! It
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2009
      (copying the announcement I received, in case some of the members here don't have this information)

      Sacramento's annual Freethought Day festival is coming! It will occur Sunday, Oct 11, noon to 5 p.m., in Waterfront Park, Front & L Streets, Old Sacramento. See the attached flier.

      The 2009 theme is Stay Curious. The program is still unfolding, but we already have a guest of honor, an M.C., two bands, a Freethought Comedy team, children's activities and a Mayoral proclamation. We also have an official website, http://freethoughtday.org/ (also unfolding).

      This will be Sacramento's 8th Freethought Day celebration. Last year the Sacramento News & Review ran a positive review, and even listed it as a "not-to-be-missed" event for the weekend. Attendance was excellent. This year we expect a still bigger turnout.

      Above all it is your event, a chance to stand up for reason, freedom of mind, and church-state separation. Please support it!

      How can you support Sacramento Freethought Day? Like this:

      * Join us. Simply show up, enjoy the shows, tour the displays and vendor tables, laugh, sing, have fun. Bring friends. Attendance is freeee ...
      * Donate. Have a few spare sticky quarters, some soiled & crumpled dollars? Toss them into our hat so we can keep bringing you these celebrations of your freedom of mind. Go to the FTD website, click the Paypal button on the right. Or simply send a check payable to "Freethought Day," to: AOF/Attn: FTD, PO Box 15182, Sacramento CA 95851-0182.
      * Sponsor. FTD desperately needs sponsors. For a bit more, "freethought saints" will receive special tokens and amenities, such as:
      o For $25 (Supporter), a Freethought Day button
      o For $50 (Patron), a copy of Eye of the Beholder (DVD)
      o For $100 (Freethought Ambassador), a signed copy of a book by Michael Shermer
      * Eat yogurt! Yes, it's true. You can support Freethought simply by eating frozen yogurt on Wednesday, Sept 30. On this day Big Spoon Yogurt in Sacramento hosts a fundraiser for us. Simply mention "Freethought Day" when you order. Big Spoon will donate 30% of the proceeds to our event. Tell friends. :-)
      * Dine out. The Opa Opa Greek Restaurant will also support us. On the week from Sep 27 to Oct 3, dine at Opa Opa at 5644 J Street, Sacramento, mention "Freethought Day," and FTD will receive a stipend.

      Questions, suggestions, ideas are welcome. Please contact the General and Program Director at FreethoughtDay@....

      Above all, Say Curious. We hope to see you there.
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