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  • peekaboobrat
    Jul 3, 2008

      Thank you in advance for you help.  I forgot to send this in plain text. [may receive two]

      I just found out that my ancestors were from the Rzeszow area. I live in the NE of PA  USA

      A helpful person gave me your email/website a while back.  I wonder if you could help us. 


      Jim Stamm is going to Poland on July 9 2008.  Are you or someone in the Rzeszow area, Nadolany, or Pielnia town able to review records with, or for us?


      Don Bednarczyk will be going to the ancestors Poland villages like Pielnia, and districts around Krosno-Nowotaniec, & Sanok, in Oct 2008.  I copied this email to both of them.

      Any help with locating family history form St Nicholas Church or other archives would be appreciated.

      The Rzeszow archives gave the partial info to me in 2006.


      Don Bednarczyk, from Chicago IL USA received some history 20-25 years ago from a ZdzisĹ‚aw Bednarczyk of Nadolany.  Zdzislaw had researched the St Nicholas Church and found the following records


      Franciszek Bednarczyk m. Klara Sabat in Nadolany. Klara died after giving birth to Jan abt 1816 and Mikolaj circa 1820. Klara married again and give birth to Marianna Rajchowla


      Mikolaj Bednarczyk b abt 1820 m. 1841 Apolonia Wereszczynska [b. Austria Polish?] The couple had Jozef 1849 and Michal 1853

      son Jozef Bednarczyk b. circa 1849,  married, Feb 1874  Marianna Molocznik b. 22 Apr 1855. Jozef and Marianna Molocznik Bednarczyk had Michal  and Jan 1880.


      Son of Jozef B 1849, Michal Bednarczyk b 6 Aug 1875, m. 1898 Anastazja Prokop b 6 Nov 1874 Pielnia, dau of Teodor Prokop

      Son of Jozef B 1849, Jan Bednarczyk b 4 Sept 1880 Pielnia Krosno District Austria Polish, m.18 Nov 1907 Marcyanna, or Marta, Ochenduszko b 6 Jan1890, in Nowotaniec Krosno Dis


      Don Bednarczyk's grandparents were Jan Bednarczyk and Marianna Ochenduszko d. 19 Oct 1958 in Chicago Il USA.


      Jan had a brother, Michal Bednarczyk b1853 is my Great Grandfather.


      Katarzyna Moskalewicz, born of Franciszek Burnatowski and Anna, widow of Mikolaj Moskalewicz, married Jan's brother, Michal Bednarczyk b.1853, when Katarzyna was age 28, on 07 July 1880. They came to America in 1881, 1891 & 1893 with children.

      Michal d. Jan 07 1904 and Kat died Mar 09 1929 Forest City NE PA USA.


      Michal Bednarczyk was the service- quote, "..youth leave Soldier of 45 infantry regiment named Acysiaze Zymunt 1873 nr. 638, b. 1853 in Pielnia..."  Can you direct us as to how to find Michal Bednarczyk's military records?

      Thank you again,   peekaboobrat@...

      Joan Wielgus  

      5665 Merion Lane

      Macungie PA 18062

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