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Laruku en Shieru Event 08-28-2005

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  • Yuna Heartly
    ~+~ Aug.28,2005 - memorable date for me grabe nt2wa n kgad aq while m starting to type the whole (not acc2ally whole )some fun s event. ~+~ funny kc pagpsok
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2005
      ~+~ Aug.28,2005 - memorable date for me grabe nt2wa n kgad aq while m starting to type the whole (not acc2ally whole )some fun s event.
      ~+~ funny kc pagpsok nmn s Crisanta Tower (2b honest I thought were in a wrong place) - 2nd flr. xa (me, ude-chan and jeriko-kun) y not eh, pglbas frm elevator parking lot ang sumalubong smn plus we haven't heared Laruku's songs yet that time.yun pla nsa gilid..npnta p kmi frm 2nd flr. - 5th flr. what an adventure.mga less 100 persons ang pumnta nde msyadong na-occupied ang buong room not even the half of it..bago p lng kc sila.ac2ally 2lad rin ntn ML rin sila..
      ~+~ pero majority nk-BLACK 2 lng ata ang nk-GOTHIC..isa nga run kmkha ni Chiaki..n.n!
      ~+~ lack of pondo and equipment sila kya kung anu lang yung kaya nilang ma-afford..but it was okey..i really had a great time ska nde mskit s bulsa ang entrance fee (50pesos)
      ~+~ ngus2han ko run yung feature presentation nila n puros pvs (Jyoujyoshi, New World,Niji, As One, Ibarra no Namida etc), concerts(SMILE concert 2001 -- yun b ang title, ude-chan?) and gag shows (guest cna hyde-chan n ken-chan) d ko lam kung anu yung plbas but it was a a gud gag show.
      ~+~ we met new friends JOEY-chan and MAKU-chan..
      lets start w/ Joey-chan -- friend xa ni Ude n nagpnta s said event and pinakilala skn.tetsuist rin xa like me..hehehe..
      Maku-chan -- Malatean 2lad ko..this year graduating xa..cn't believe she's studying in the same school as I did. Ang nk2inggit s kanya n-meet nya in person c HAIDO-sama....doko u say?...Sm Manila..yup...dyan nya nkita silang apat(Haido-chan, Tet-chan, Ken-chan and Yuki-chan).at first glance u may not recognize Haido-chan kc nk-cap and shades xa..I believe ng-stop over sila ri2 w/o even noticing abt it (Heck, y nde sila nging front news,db?)stop over here bgo sila drop s America for their concert..may signature xa ni Haido s knyang personal acoustic guitar (w/c me and Ude-chan really want to see)..i'll email her pra maging member ntn xa..MAIYA, pwede b ntin xang pdlhan ng invitation for our group?..
      ~+~ mhirap itype d2 yung kinwen2 ni Maku so by personal ko n lng s2bhin dun s iba..as i said, okey yung event kaya lng pgdating s song number - kc may band n kumanta using acoustic guitar, cymbal and -- 4got the other one -- masyadong exaggerated yung kumanta -- LOUIE, sana kaw n lng kumanta at least, worth it p yung time nmn ni Ude..tlgang binaboy nila yung kanta ng laruku..asar sila...LOUIE, is2ma k nmn s Sept.25 mern ulit Laruku en Shieru fans club..let's show them what the real fan club looks like,ne?..khit c Ude nbwisit s 2 kmknta n yun lalo n yung babae..pangbasag-pinggan yung boses..
      ~+~ that's the SPOILER fun ang nangyari smn ni Ude last night..200 lng ang ngastos nmn ni Ude kc we were hoping may mga cds for sale and mags wala pla ..kulang kc s preparations.. kaya kung anu lng nkyanan -- expect no more..just appreciate it..   

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