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5K steada 10K

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  • Robert
    After my final long run before Saturday s Point Pinole Nitro Trails 10K, I realized I was jumping into a 10K too fast. Contacted the organizers and arranged
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2012
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      After my final "long" run before Saturday's Point Pinole Nitro Trails 10K, I realized I was jumping into a 10K too fast. Contacted the organizers and arranged to switch to the 5K, which I know I can handle, and which will give me some sort of yardstick in comparison with my earlier 5K in April. I expect to do better in this one but it partly depends on how tough the course is. I know there are some killer hills at Point Pinole.

      I hope to cruise at workout pace for the first half of the run and try to step it up for the second half. Tried to do that in April, but the hills and an unseasonal heat beat me down to a plodding finish. Let's see, can I think of any other excuses? ;^)

      Reducing the distance puts me back on track to be ready for a 10K this fall as I'd originally planned -- maybe the November Save Mount Diablo Trail Adventure (which I know from the chatter afterward in April is a tough, tough course). I let someone talk me into signing on for the Nitro 10K then realized I'm two or three weeks short of really being ready to run that distance over a tough course without needlessly punishing myself.

      One other 5K benefit: I can definitely run BF (and carry sandals just in case since I don't know the course). One good sign: I still feel strong going uphill, though of course not as fast as back when ... I used to overtake a lot of runners on the uphills. Now they overtake me, but I still feel better and better at it as workouts continue. I definitely plan to include hill work in my workouts between now and any 10K this autumn.

      Going out this morning for a 2- to 3-mile easy BF run as the final tuneup for Saturday. Ran 4 miles in 62:00 on Tuesday in clodhoppers in a high 80s late afternoon heat, with the big hill at Newhall Park both ways, and felt pretty good so I know I'm ready for 5K! Wearing shoes occasionally for a workout seems to be sort of like running with ankle weights!

      I just pray for no rain Saturday, but rain seems unlikely what with temps here in Concord into the 90s this week. Point Pinole is on the bay, so it should be milder there and good running weather, knock on wood. Ouch, my head!

      Cheers, Bob Loomis
      Concord CA USA
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