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Runner's and Triathlete's Web Digest - May 4, 2012

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  • Ken Parker
    A FREE WEEKLY E-ZINE OF MULTISPORT RELATED ARTICLES. The Runner s and Triathlete s Web Digest is a weekly e-zine dealing with the sports of running and
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      The Runner's and Triathlete's Web Digest is a weekly e-zine dealing with the sports of running and triathlon and general fitness and
      health issues. The opinions expressed in the articles referenced by the Digest are the opinions of the writers and not necessarily
      those of the Runner's Web. Visit the Runner's Web at http://www.runnersweb.com The site is updated multiple times daily. Check out
      our daily news, features, polls, trivia, bulletin boards and more.

      SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS: All of the revenue from our advertisers and affiliates goes to support clubs, athletes and clinics related
      to multisport and Canadian Olympians.

      1. Emilie's Run - The Emilie Mondor Memorial 5K Race for Women - Canada's Fastest Women's 5K.
      The 2012 race will be run on June 23rd.
      The 2012 edition of Sports 4 Emilie's Run sees the return of cash prizes for what is traditionally the "fastest" women's only race
      in Canada. Sports 4 is providing cash prizing as follows:
      First Overall $1000, Second Overall $750, Third Overall $550, Fourth Overall $400, Fifth Overall $300
      First Masters (40 & over*) $500
      First Team (5 members) $1000
      There are cash prizes for the following:
      New Race Record: $1000, New Masters (40 & over*) Record: $500, New 5 Year Age Category Age : $100
      *age as of Dec 31, 2012
      For more on the race visit the website
      at: http://www.emiliesrun.com.

      2. Road Runner Sports, the world's largest running store at:

      3. Toronto Waterfront Marathon, date October 14, 2012
      The fastest men's and women's marathon on Canadian soil!

      4. Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon - ~Online Registration is Now Open~
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      Fees Go Up!!!
      Join us next spring on Sunday May 6th, 2012. Great Karbon shirts, huge medals, and one of the best carbo dinners around!
      Experience the city on foot while raising money for a charity of your choice. You'll be supported by over 1500 volunteers and
      thousands of spectators as you run the streets of Toronto.

      5. Training Peaks
      The Runner's Web has partnered with Training Peaks to provide online
      coaching from experts such as Hal Higdon, Joel Friel and Matt
      Fitzgerald. Sign up at:

      6. iRun Magazine
      iRun is Canada's highest-circulation and most popular running magazine. With a total distribution of 50,000 and more than 9,000
      subscribers, iRun is leading the market in the rapidly growing and highly desirable demographic of Canadian runners.
      iRun Magazine is a sponsor of Emilie's Run

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      7. Olympic Physical Therapy and Foot Orthotics:
      Olympic Physical Therapy and Foot Orthotics was founded in May of 2000 by Don Levine, MSPT and Bert Reid, DPT, to provide outpatient
      physical therapy and sports medicine rehabilitation to the residents of Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. Consistently
      assessing the needs of our communities while striving to provide the highest level of care and customer service. This has allowed
      Olympic and its staff to thrive and earn accolades such as, in 2007, becoming the first recipient of the Small Business of the Year
      award from The Newport Chamber of Commerce

      8.. Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon - March 18, 2012
      Run the capital of the south! Start and finish your journey in celebrated Centennial Olympic Park right in downtown Atlanta. Run
      through some of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods including the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Jimmy Carter
      Library & Museum and the bohemian Little Five Points neighborhood. Be cheered along the way by hydration station teams and
      Cheering zones. All participants will receive a unique finisher's medal and technical race shirt. Register Today!

      9. Toronto Yonge Street 10K - April 22, 2012:
      November 24/11: Running Room announces 5-year partnership with Canada Running Series as OFFICIAL CLINIC PARTNER of Toronto Yonge
      Street 10K. Ten-week clinics to begin the week February 13 at more than 40 Running Room locations across Ontario and Quebec.
      "We're absolutely thrilled with this new partnership," said CRS Race Director Alan Brookes. "We have had such a great partnership
      with Running Room over the last 5 years at Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon & Half, it is just tremendous that we are able to
      work together over the Spring season. It's a natural. Both teams are passionately committed to promoting running and fitness for
      everyone in Canada. The 10K distance is a GREAT starting point for new runners; together, we look forward to bringing thousands more
      'newbies' to the Start Line, and with the world famous Running Room Clinics supporting them, we know there will be many more smiling
      faces at the Finish Line!"
      More detailed information on Running Room Clinics coming soon!

      10. Montreal Oasis Marathon - September 23, 2012:
      Oasis Marathon & ½ Marathon de Montréal, part of the Rock `n' Roll Marathon Series
      The former Marathon Oasis de Montréal will still be operated by the local Montréal team that has produced the historic and
      successful event for the past 21 years. The team is working together with Competitor Group, Inc. to enhance the 2012 event with
      music, entertainment and exciting Rock `n' Roll series elements while continuing to maintain the integrity of the race. Thank you
      for your patience as we transition the websites and prepare to open the 2012 registration for the Oasis Marathon & ½ Marathon de
      Montréal, part of the Rock `n' Roll Marathon Series.

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      * Sports Nutrition by Sheila Kealey. Sheila is one of Ottawa's top
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      THIS WEEK'S PERSONAL POSTINGS/RELEASES: We will only post notes here regarding running and triathlon topics of interest to the
      community. We have ONE personal posting this week.
      With every donation to CAN Fund you find out the name of the
      athlete supported and receive a tax receipt. DONATE TO SUPPORT OUR CANADIAN ATHLETES TRAINING FOR LONDON.
      Donate here:
      Nikkita Holder, Athletics (100m Hurdles) recently became a CAN Fund Recipient. Nikkita was Canada's top hurdler at the 2011 World
      Championships finishing 6th and is a 2012 Olympic hopeful. There are over 45 Canadian athletes from Athletics on our waitings.
      Donate to help our athletes
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      1. Leafy Greens Help Prevent Damage Caused by a Workout, Study Suggests
      2. Chicken Skips and the Marathon Warm Up
      3. How to Kill—Your 10k PR
      4. Timex Multisport Team Training Tip: Jackie Arendt
      Second year pro Jackie Arendt explains how important it is to listen to your body.
      5. Don’t Just Sit There
      6. Pictures of buff bods: motivating or discouraging?
      7. Three Reasons to Stop Taking Vitamin Pills
      8. Long May You Run
      Ten strategies to ensure running longevity.
      9. VO2max, The monthly newsletter of RunCoachJason.com
      10. Many Athletes With Asthma May Be Using the Wrong Treatment
      11. Running When Hot: Three Simple Ways To Beat the Heat
      12. Different Kinds of Runners at a Race Expo
      13, Why mental stress may harm women more
      14. Summer Olympic Athletes Must Overcome Skin Conditions to Reach for the Gold
      15. This Week in Running

      Which is/are your favourite event group(s) within athletics at the Olympic Games?
      Middle distance
      Long distance
      Jumps (high, long, triple jump)
      Throws (shot, discus, javelin)
      Pole vault

      Vote in the poll at:

      When will Paula Radcliffe's marathon world best of 2:15:25, set in 2003, be broken?
      Answers Percent Votes
      1 2012 11% 37
      2 2015 24% 85
      3 2020 27% 93
      4 2025 or later 28% 98
      5 Never 10% 34
      Total Votes: 347

      You can access the poll from our FrontPage (http://www.runnersweb.com) as well as checking the results of previous polls.

      Our Photo Slideshow is updated on a random basis. Check it out from our FrontPage.

      FIVE STAR SITE OF THE MONTH: Andrea Hewitt, New Zealand Triathlete
      "I represented New Zealand in surf life saving before beginning triathlon.
      At 22, the year after I finished my BCOM at Canterbury University, I bought a bike and started cycling so I could compete in local
      multisport events. In October 2004, I had a meeting with Dr John Hellemans where he proposed to coach me for multisport if I was to
      try triathlons after.
      In February 2005 I completed the one day Coast to Coast (243km running, cycling and kayaking from the West Coast to the East Coast
      of the South Island of NZ), I placed 4th in 13 hours 58 minutes. Then I switched to triathlon.
      In just 6 months, I was crowned the 2005 Triathlon World Champion U23 Elite in Gamagori, Japan.
      Thank you to everyone who supports me. I look forward to all of your emails where ever I am in the World.
      My motto is to do the best that I can.
      With the help of my partner who is now my coach, Laurent Vidal, we plan, we train, we race and we are achieving our goals"
      Visit Andrea's website at:

      BOOK/VIDEO/MOVIE OF THE MONTH: The Art of Running Faster
      By Julian Goater, Don Melvin
      Product Description
      Any runner can tell you that the sport isn't just about churning out miles day in and day out. Runners have a passion, dedication,
      and desire to go faster, longer, and farther. Now, The Art of Running Faster provides you with a new approach to running, achieving
      your goals and setting your personal best.
      Whether you're old or young, new to the sport or an experienced marathoner, this guide will change how you run and the results you
      achieve. The Art of Running Faster challenges the stereotypes, removes the doubts and erases the self-imposed limitations by
      prescribing not only what to do but also how to do it. Inside, you will learn how to
      overcome the obstacles that prevent you from running faster, more comfortably, and with greater focus;
      customize your training program to emphasize the development of speed, strength, and stamina;
      shift gears, reach that next level of performance, and blow past the competition.
      In this one-of-a-kind guide, former world-class runner Julian Goater shares his experiences, insights and advice for better, more
      efficient and faster running.
      Much more than training tips and motivational stories, The Art of Running Faster is your guide to improved technique and optimal
      performance. Let Julian Goater show you a new way to run faster, farther and longer.
      Buy the book from Human Kinetics at:

      For more publications on running and triathlon visit:
      http://www.runnersweb.com/running/human_kinetics.html and


      1. Leafy Greens Help Prevent Damage Caused by a Workout, Study Suggests:
      Researchers have found that antioxidant-rich watercress can alleviate the natural stress put on our body by a workout. And they
      found that participants with no watercress in their system who ate the leafy vegetable just two hours before high level exercise
      still experienced the same level of protection.
      Though regular moderate exercise is known to be good for us, the increased demand on our bodies can cause damage to our DNA.
      More...from Science Daily at:

      2. Chicken Skips and the Marathon Warm Up:
      Before the start of the Salt Lake City Marathon in April, it hit me how geeky we runners are. As I sat in a field doing glorified
      yoga exercises to make sure my hip flexors were loose and ready to go, I watched those around me, albeit impervious to how silly I
      looked myself. Let me describe the scene: first, there were three teenage boys fifty yards in front of me doing synchronized
      skipping exercises that included a loud stomp of the foot and required moving the upper-body in a way that mimics a chicken walking.
      Second, there was a slightly overweight man relaxing while performing Warrior 1 Pose a-la Baron Baptiste. Third, a group of women
      with a high bib number were jogging a several miles warm-up before the marathon.
      This scene not only made me chuckle, as I sat in a pigeon pose with one knee under my chest while lying on the ground, obviously
      fitting right into this circus-scene, but it made me question, what is the right warm-up routine for this marathon? From miles of
      jogging to chicken-skips, we all obviously had a different idea.
      More...from the Sport Factory at:

      3. How to Kill—Your 10k PR:
      Paladin Press is a publishing house that articulates, better than any other, the successful amalgamation of the first and second
      amendments to the Constitution. Should I want to booby trap my neighbor’s toilet, rig my household pet to be a homicide bomber, or
      blow up a city block using household cleaning chemicals, Paladin Press’ catalog is as good a place to inquire as any other (I
      haven't so-inquired, and I might be wrong—I might have to look elsewhere for pets-as-bombers). I can buy a “.50-Caliber Rifle
      Construction Manual—With Easy-to-Follow Full-Scale Drawings.” Or, “150 Questions For a Guerrilla.” More my style would be the
      publication entitled, “Gladiator Conditioning Course,” (This is a best-seller). I remember leafing through the catalog once and saw
      the very stark, to the point, title: “The Complete How to Kill Book.” No beating around the bush there. Right to the point. One
      might or might not be able to convict Paladin Press of any variety of things, but a lack of transparency of message is not among
      More...from SlowTwitch at:

      4. Timex Multisport Team Training Tip: Jackie Arendt:
      Second year pro Jackie Arendt explains how important it is to listen to your body.
      While she's been racing as a pro for the last two years, it wasn't until a few months ago that Timex Multisport Team member Jackie
      Arendt finally gave up her job as a pharmaceutical scientist in Madison, Wisconsin to pursue the sport full time. One of the keys to
      her success, she says, has been her ability to listen to her body and ensure she doesn't push too hard at the wrong time.
      “You need to listen to your body and get in touch with yourself,” Arendt says. “You can’t worry about what other people are doing
      and what other people are saying about their training and their racing. You have to figure out what works for you and, especially in
      training, pay attention to when you’re tired. You need to make sure you meet your own personal needs.”
      Arendt found this was especially important when she was working full time and training as a professional.
      “For me that’s something I’ve always been pretty good with. I’m a big proponent on recovery and taking days off. If I’m not feeling
      right, I’m not going to do anything. I think that’s key to avoiding injury and staying at a decently high level. You need to pay
      attention to all the signals you’re getting and you can’t ignore alarms that are going off.”
      More...from Ironman.com at:

      5. Don’t Just Sit There:
      ONE lesson I’ve learned while writing about fitness is that few things impinge on an active life as much as writing about fitness —
      all that time spent hunched before a computer or puzzling over scientific journals, the countless hours of feckless, seated
      procrastination. While writing about the benefits of exercise, my muscles slackened. Fat seeped insidiously into my blood, liver and
      ventricles. Stupor infiltrated my brain.
      More...from the NY Times at:

      6. Pictures of buff bods: motivating or discouraging?
      Toned abs, sculpted legs, tight butts – so many tight butts! – buff arms, all of them often covered in glistening sweat. If you’ve
      been on the social-network site Pinterest, whose popularity has grown exponentially, particularly among women, you’ve seen these
      curated menageries of perfect bodies, sometimes accompanied with inspirational quotes. Usually, these images have been pulled from
      websites across the Internet by users and “pinned” to virtual boards under headings such as “Fitness” and “Motivation.”
      More...from the Globe and Mail at:

      7. Three Reasons to Stop Taking Vitamin Pills:
      My Jockology column in the Globe and Mail this week offers my top three reasons to stop taking vitamin pills. The ultra-condensed
      1.They don't work;
      2.They might harm you;
      3.They'll give you a false sense of invincibility, leading to a binge of health-destroying hedonism.
      At least, that's what I originally wrote. It got toned down a little in the editing process, unfortunately (i.e. "They don't work"
      got changed to "They may not work," and the bit about the "binge of health-destroying hedonism" got axed). Still, I hope you'll take
      a minute to give the piece a read -- and then, if you disagree (or even better, if you agree!), let me know why in the comments
      section below.
      More...from Sweat Science at:

      8. Long May You Run:
      Ten strategies to ensure running longevity.
      And you'd like to be fit, fast and injury-free while you do it. The good news is that the road to running longevity has already been
      paved by generations of bold and innovative runners. The bad news is that nothing's free. If you want to ensure running longevity,
      you'll have to train for it.
      "Everyone is an athlete," wrote the late George Sheehan, running's physician-philosopher. "The only difference is that some of us
      are in training, and some are not."
      More...from Running Times at:

      9. VO2max, The monthly newsletter of RunCoachJason.com:
      Can Exercise Make You Smarter?
      Want to get smarter? Go for a run. A number of studies have shown that exercise improves fluid intelligence, which includes
      problem-solving ability, memory, learning, and pattern recognition. Improvements in cognitive function with exercise are even more
      observable as people age. Based on research with mice, exercise enhances the connections between pre-existing nerve cells in the
      brain and enhances the formation and survival of new nerve cells. That explains why Einstein rode his bicycle all the time!
      Ultramarathons, running events that are substantially longer than a marathon, are becoming increasingly popular, as humans are
      continually trying to push the limits of endurance.
      While the marathon requires the largest glycogen storage capacity possible, a very efficient capacity to make new glucose, and a
      very effective system of fat use, these characteristics are paramount for the ultramarathon. Therefore, one of the goals of
      ultramarathon training is to teach your muscles to rely on fat as fuel. While muscles' store of carbohydrate is limiting, humans'
      store of fat is virtually unlimited, with enough to fuel about five days of marathon running or about 1,000 miles of walking.
      While women are at a definite cardiovascular disadvantage to men since they have a smaller cardiac output and less hemoglobin in
      their blood to transport oxygen, research has shown that women have a greater capacity to metabolize fat and conserve glycogen,
      which may give them an advantage for very long endurance activities. Indeed, in 2002 and 2003, Pam Reed beat all the men at the
      135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon.
      There are two ways to make your muscles more effective at using fat for energy-1) run/walk for very long periods of time (4-6 hours)
      and 2) begin your runs with low muscle glycogen by consuming a low-carbohydrate diet beforehand. Think of this strategy as creating
      a threat to the muscles' survival-when you threaten the survival of muscles by depriving them of their preferred fuel, a strong
      signal is sent to make more of that fuel to combat the threat and to use other sources of fuel more effectively. The downsides to
      training with little glycogen, however, is that 1) it doesn't feel good and 2) it compromises any intensity in your program since
      high intensity running depends on carbohydrates for fuel. If you're going to try training with low muscle glycogen, make sure you
      consume lots of carbohydrates before your ultramarathon, so you "train low, race high."
      Given its duration, the ultramarathon also requires the consumption of calories during the race. If you've ever eaten during a long
      endurance event, you know the mess it can make of your digestive system. During your long training runs, practice eating different
      foods and different nutrients to see what your stomach can handle. The more you practice refueling and rehydration strategies, the
      better off you'll be on race day.
      Like the marathon, dehydration, muscle fiber damage, hyperthermia, and psychological fatigue are huge issues for the ultramarathon,
      so use your long runs to practice dealing with each of these issues. Since your sweat rate exceeds your ability to ingest fluid
      while running, dehydration is difficult to prevent. However, since endurance performance declines with only a 2-3 percent loss of
      body weight due to fluid loss, it's important to minimize its effects by drinking fluids with sodium. Since water goes wherever
      sodium goes, more water is conserved by the kidneys when you ingest sodium with the water.
      Climate has a greater effect on the ultramarathon than it does on any other race. Prepare yourself by acclimatizing to hot and humid
      conditions beforehand. While cardiovascular adaptations to running in the heat are nearly complete within one week, the sweating
      response takes about two weeks, so give yourself at least two weeks of slowly introducing yourself to the heat
      To view past newsletters go to: http://www.runcoachjason.com/newsletter
      Copyright 2012 Jason Karp All Rights Reserved - http://www.runcoachjason.com

      10. Many Athletes With Asthma May Be Using the Wrong Treatment:
      Many athletes with asthma may not be using the best treatment for their condition and could be putting their long term health at
      risk, according to a roundup by journalist Sophie Arie published by the British Medical Journal.
      The article will feature on the BMJ's new Olympics portal, an online resource to keep doctors up to date with sports medicine
      content from across the BMJ Group. The portal will be open until the end of the Olympic and Para-Olympic games at
      More...from Science Daily at:

      11. Running When Hot: Three Simple Ways To Beat the Heat:
      Dealing with high temperatures and humidity on marathon race day is a critical success factor:. If you can’t or don’t know how to do
      it, your day could end prematurely and most likely your finishing time will fall far outside of your goal window.
      That said, many runners are affected by the heat long before they reach the starting line. Simply based on where they live and the
      time of year, these folks spend the majority of their marathon training schedule attempting to avoid the performance killing effects
      of high temps. You might be envious of their race performances in the heat, but know that they have been suffering for much longer
      than 26.2 miles.
      More...from Marathon Nation at:

      12. Different Kinds of Runners at a Race Expo:
      Usually my perspective of runners is from in the midst of them – either in a run or watching a race. Recently I spent a day working
      in the IAWR booth at the Yonge Street 10K Race Expo – an interesting opportunity to watch runners – when they’re not running.
      Some observations:
      1.Running people find it strangely surprising and exhilarating to see each other in real clothes with their hair down and make up
      on. Even after years of knowing each other, they will comment on how different they look with ‘clothes on’.
      2.New runners (racers) are usually giddy – either from excitement or fear. It comes across the same way, and can end up with the
      same results on race day.
      More...from the IAWR at:

      13. Why mental stress may harm women more:
      Mental stress is bad for everyone, but it might be worse for women. A new study suggests it could lead to increased heart problems.
      The finding surprised the researchers, partly because men are more likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease at a younger age than
      “It did catch us off guard,” said the senior author, Chester Ray of Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pa.
      More...from the Globe and Mail at:

      14. Summer Olympic Athletes Must Overcome Skin Conditions to Reach for the Gold:
      The Olympics are all about the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." But for many Summer Games athletes, there's also the
      agony of skin irritations and conditions that can make the journey to the medal stand more difficult.
      Skin problems rank among athletes' most common complaints, but there's little information available regarding dermatoses among
      Olympic athletes, according to findings from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
      More...from Science Daily at:

      15. This Week in Running:
      10 Years Ago- Zakayo Ngatho (KEN) edged Simon Maina (KEN), 27:36.68 to 27:38.36 to win the Hyogo Relays
      (JPN) 10000m. Tomoo Tsubota was the first Japanese finisher in 3rd with 27:51.85 as
      five ran under 28 minutes. Kayoko Fukushi (JPN) won the women's race by a similar margin
      over Takako Kotorida (JPN), 31:55.59 to 31:57.77. Mizuki Noguchi (JPN) was 3rd at
      32:05.34 as eleven runners finished under 33 minutes.
      20 Years Ago- Csaba Szucs (HUN) won the Hauts de Seine (FRA) Marathon by five seconds over Allaoua
      Khellil (ALG), 2:14:12 to 2:14:17. Wieslaw Palcynski (POL) was 3rd at 2:14:39. Two
      dozen finished under 2:20, including Kjell-Erik Stahl (SWE) at 2:19:11, one of his
      71 career sub-2:20's. Franziska Moser (SUI) won the women's race by more than four
      minutes over Olga Steganicheva (UKR), 2:33:09 to 2:37:39. Carine Verhaege (BEL) was
      3rd at 2:41:18.
      30 Years Ago- Kellie Archuletta ran a US record at the Mount SAC Relays (CA/USA) 10000m with her
      32:22.5. Less than three months later, Mary (Decker) Slaney lowered this mark to
      40 Years Ago- Igor Shcherbak (RUS) won a marathon in Uzhgorod (UKR) with a 2:13:16.2. Vladimir
      Moiseyev (RUS) ran 2:13:59 for 2nd while Vasiliy Sterlyagov (RUS) was 3rd at 2:15:14.
      50 Years Ago- Noted author Hal Higdon (USA) won the Central AAU (IL/USA) 25K in 1:38:16.
      From The Analytical Distance Runner, the newsletter for the Association of Road
      Racing Statisticians with a focus on races, 3000m
      and longer, including road, track, and cross-country events
      The ARRS has a website at http://www.arrs.net.

      *Please verify event dates with the event websites available from our FrontPage

      May 5, 2012:
      Capital City Half Marathon - Columbus, OH

      Greenland Trail Races - Larkspur, CO

      OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon - Indianapolis, IN

      Wakefield Covered Bridge Run - Wakefield, QC

      Wild West Adventure Race - Dallas, TX

      Wisconsin Marathon - Kenosha, WI

      May 5-6, 2012:
      Flying Pig Marathon Weekend - Cincinnati, OH

      May 6, 2012:
      Blue Cross Broad Street Run - Philadelphia, PA

      BMO Vancouver Marathon - BC

      CareFirst Frederick Running Festival - Frederick, MD

      Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon - PA

      Divas Half-Marathon at San Francisco Bay - CA

      Goodlife Toronto Marathon - Toronto, ON

      Heels & Hills Half-Marathon - Irving, TX

      New Jersey Marathon - Long Branch, NJ

      May 6-12, 2012:
      National Run a Mile Days - Nationwide

      June 23, 2012
      Sports 4 Emilie's Run - Ottawa, ON

      July 27 - August 12, 2012:
      London 2012 Olympic Games - London, UK

      For more complete race listings check out our Upcoming Races, and Calendars.
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